Tasting (walk around) Events

This is a list of events tagged as "Tasting (walk around)" in New York City, New York.

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Date Event City
Jan, 24 2020 Long Island North Fork Friends/Family - Brewery / Wine Tour Weekend Getaway    Greenport
Jan, 24 2020 Long Island North Fork Bachelorette Wine Tour Weekend Getaway-Greenport    Greenport
Jan, 25 2020 Sicilian Wines Grand Tasting    New York
Jan, 25 2020 Australia Day Wine Tasting    New York
Feb, 04 2020 BBWO: Barolo & Barbaresco World Opening    NYC
Feb, 07 2020 Friday Tasting with Broadbent    New York
Feb, 14 2020 Valentine's Day Tasting    New York
Feb, 17 2020 The 14th Annual Kosher Food & Wine Experience    NYC
Feb, 20 2020 Savage New Release Tasting: the cult wine of South Africa!    New York
Mar, 07 2020 NYC Winter Wine and Food Festival    New York City
Mar, 31 2020 NY Drinks NY Consumer Grand Tasting
NY Drinks NY Consumer Grand Tasting   
New York
May, 09 2020 Brooklyn Crush: Spring Edition    Brooklyn
May, 26 2020 USA Trade Tasting    New York City
Jun, 02 2020 Zinfandel Experience New York City    New York City
Oct, 17 2020 NYC Autumn Wine Festival    New York
Nov, 07 2020 Brooklyn Crush: Fall Edition    Brooklyn