Paradisos del Sol Winery and Organic Vineyard Red Wine & Chocolate Weekend

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February 15, 2019 (Fri) - February 18, 2019 (Mon)
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Paradisos del Sol Winery and Organic Vineyard
3230 Highland Drive
Zillah, WA 98953-9382

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Cost: $10 tasting fee waived with $20 purchase

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Valentine's Day     Wine     Food     Dessert     Chocolate    
RWC at Paradisos del Sol Winery and Organic Vineyard (the short version)
Experience Chocolate Molé de Vandenberg on Teeny Tiny (hand-made) Tortillas. A come-hither concoction—not confection—of cocoa, chiles, and condiments composed for collegial companionship with Paradisos Red and our compañeros.
When you get tired of all those sweets, come to Paradisos del Sol for a change in pace! We always try to offer you something that is not available anywhere else. Every year we try something different and it always turns out great.
Red Wine and Chocolate . . . think outside the candy box and come join us. $10 tasting fee waived with $20 purchase. Rattlesnake Hills Passport holders and Wine Yakima Valley Premier Passholders enjoy wine discounts from 10% to 50%.
Red Wine and Chocolate Weekend (the long version)
Eight chocolate bites with wine February 15, 16, 17, 18 (Friday–Monday)
Plan a romantic getaway and celebrate a late Valentines at Paradisos del Sol Winery and Organic Vineyard. Enjoy our micro-mini Lilliputian nine-course under-50-calories winemaker's snack, nine tiny nibbles—eight include chocolate: six savories and two sweets. Below are the details:
Explore your senses and taste our Paradisos Red paired with teeny tiny tacos with chocolate-chipotle molé sauce; Rosé Paradiso with cacaó-mushroom pâté; Oyster White with Brie dusted with cocoa powder; Sève with chocolate-peanut sauce; B’s Blend with an artichoke heart, basil, cacaó pesto sauce; and Sangiovese with pepperoni dipped in dark chocolate.
We always celebrate with dessert!
Enjoy the sweet succulent combination of Zort wine with Truffles Paradisos, a handcrafted French-style chocolate truffle flavored with raspberries concocted by our friends Aaron and Karl at Intrigue Chocolate. Top off your experience with a skosh of vegan pumpkin custard dusted with cocoa, a perfect complement to our Angelica MRS.
$10 tasting fee waived with $20 purchase. Rattlesnake Hills Passport holders and Wine Yakima Valley Premier Passholders enjoy wine discounts from 10% to 50%.
And here you are thinking, “I am busy that weekend but I still want to experience this!” We have put together a romantic chocolate dinner idea for you.
Love, Chocolate, WineFood of the Gods.
Thinking of chocolate only as candy is too limiting (though a glass of Zort and a dark chocolate truffle IS a mystical experience). Chocolate candy represents less than 200 years of the thousands of years of culinary chocolate. In antiquity people of Central America used cacao (thxoatl, chocolate) as a spice and a beverage more akin to espresso. Milk and sugar were not in the recipes.
When we prepare our plate for Red Wine and Chocolate on Presidents’ Day Weekend we use chocolate as spice, sauce, and candy.
Ya wanna impress your sweet baboo at Valentines? Don't make a reservation at an overbooked restaurant. Prepare a five-course, all chocolate meal. Here is the menu that we will be having on the 14th .
  • Brie lightly dusted with cocoa powder. We serve with Rosé Paradiso.
  • Smoked Salmon with Cacaó Nibs to continue the prelude with the Rosé.
  • Chicken in Molé de Cacaó, served with Paradisos Red.
  • Spring Greens, Apple, Toasted Nuts, Cacaó Nibs with Paradisos Red.
  • Truffles are at the end. May we recommend Truffle Paradiso from Intrigue Chocolate with our Zort?
1) Brie: Slice about 1 ounce of Brie per person onto a plain white plate. Sprinkle cacaó powder lightly over to dust cheese and plate. Practice on empty plate to get cool fractal design patterns. Enjoy with a glass of Rosé and a kiss. We like crackers or good bread with the cheese. Not too much, there are courses to go and gorged stomachs interfere with love.
2) Salmon: Cacaó nibs are whole cacaó beans roasted and crushed to particles about rock salt size. Not likely to be at the grocers. Intrigue Chocolate can supply.
Press the smoked fish onto the nibs that are spread in a layer, a very light dusting of powdered Chipotle if y'all like a little heat. Chocolate and chili are a very ancient combo. Keep it light so it doesn't overpower the Rosé. Kevin's Jelly Bean Store can provide powdered chipotle; order from us.
3) Chicken: Thighs are best, brown them, then into the crockpot. Buy a jar of molé, reconstitute with wine, add some cocoa powder, pour over chicken. After an hour or so taste. Add more cocoa powder if desired, maybe a pinch of chipotle. Simmer another hour, adjust again. Four hours in the pot is good, six may be better. Start in the morning or even the day before.
Remove chicken from pot, debone, and return meat to sauce.
Make some tortillas when it's time to serve, tortillas are easy to make from masa. Or warm some up.
Roll the sauced chicken in a tortilla, take a bite, lick your fingers, sip some wine, laugh. Repeat.
Click here for a tortilla-making video; it is really very simple to do.
4) Salad: Toss greens with vinegar, then olive oil. Sprinkle with toasted almonds and cacaó nibs, add some sliced apple, have another glass of Paradisos Red. Giggle a bit, kiss your sweetie.
5) Truffles: Hey this is the easy part. A romantic comedy, some good truffles, and a bit of Zort.
The rest is up to you!

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