Level III Ancient and Medieval Wine History (One Week Intensive Study)

February 12, 2018 (Mon) - February 16, 2018 (Fri)
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

International Wine & Spirits Guild
4640 Pecos St., Unit H
Denver, CO 80211

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Cost: $1975

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The International Wine & Spirits Guild provides a unique approach to teaching our students about wine.

Tell us your wine education/career objectives and let us create a custom course package designed to help you reach your goals faster. Our approach is personalized, professional, and unparalleled in the wine and spirits industry.

We were voted one of the "Top 5 Wine Schools" in the nation by Food & Wine Magazine as well as The Wall Street Journal.

This course covers both the ancient world and medieval world of wine, broadly recognized as a major “civilizing” influence.

You will receive more than 500 pages of material, specifically designed for this course and taste about 20 older vintage wines, including our best estimate of what wines were like in the Ancient World.

You will also receive the International Wine & Spirits Guild History of the Ancient World and History of the Medieval World timeline charts.

Wine was considered one of the critical economic and cultural influences during the Medieval Period and Early Renaissance – roughly, from 500 AD to 1500. It was a major influence on the development of European culture, which influenced culture in the New World.

This course covers the following cultures in the Ancient World (8000 BC to 100 AD):

  • Early Central Asia
  • Mesopotamia, Canaan, Egypt to 1500 BC
  • Antanolia and Central Asia, Phoenicia, Egypt - New Kingdom
  • Greece
  • Eurasia and Asia
  • Rome and the Roman Empire

This course covers the following cultures in the Medieval Period (1 AD to 1500 AD):

  • The Byzantine Empire – The Eastern Roman Empire
  • Medieval France – To 1200 AD
  • Holy Roman Empire and the Duchy of Alsace
  • England and the English Intervention In France
  • The Iberian Peninsula – Spain and Portugal
  • Medieval France – 1200 to 1500 AD
  • Italy and the Early Renaissance
  • Medieval Central Europe and Eurasia
  • The Collapse of the Byzantine Empire – The Ottoman Empire

You will also learn about:

  • What else people drank in the ancient and medieval world – the beverage revolutions to 1500 AD
  • Grape and human interaction – a history of grape development
  • “Sophisticated” wines of the Ancient World
  • Wine and cuisine of the ancient world
  • The impact of wine on the known world economy
  • Everyday life in Medieval Europe
  • Medieval food and wine
  • Religion and wine in Medieval Europe
  • The Importance of monastic orders to wine (“the wine monks”)
  • The Impact of the crusades on wine In Europe
  • The impact of wine on the world economy during the Middle Ages