Taste NY Craft Beverage Week feat. Macari Wines & Coppersea Whiskey

November 10, 2017 (Fri)
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Zachys Wine and Liquor
16 East Parkway
Scarsdale, NY 10583

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Experience Taste NY Craft Beverage Week at Zachys!
Featuring Gabriella Macari as well as the whiskeys of Coppersea

Celebrate New York Craft Beverage week with Gabriella Macari, of Macari Wines, and Zachys on Friday, November 10th from 4 to 7pm. Gabriella has worked alongside her family since the vineyard opened in 1995. She currently manages education, distribution, marketing and assists in the cellar under winemaker Kelly Koch. The history of Macari began in the 1930’s when Gabriella’s grandfather and great-grandfather made wine in their basement in Corna, Queens. In the 1960’s grandfather Joseph T. Macari Sr purchased a 500- acre former potato farm on the Long Island Sound. The turning point for these rising stars came when Gabriella’s father, Joseph Jr., moved to the family farm and planted the vineyards. Joseph Jr’s studies in biodynamic viticulture and beliefs “that the health of the plants and the character of the grapes depend[s} on well-nourished, living soil,” has attributed to the awe-inspiring quality of this vineyard.

Featured Selections:

Macari Sauvignon Blanc 2015 New York
Macari Estate Chardonnay 2013
Macari Dos Aguas New York 2010

For our whiskey lovers, we will also be featuring the acclaimed distillery of the Hudson Valley, Coppersea. Coppersea uses locally sourced corn and rye for their truly handcrafted spirits. In the modern era where speed and volume often take priority over quality, Coppersea does the exact opposite. Their “Heritage Method” is more akin to how whiskey was made over 100 years ago and, while it can be time-consuming, it makes a significant difference in the density and complexity of this New York whiskey. The Whisky Wash blog quotes that “these guys are the Most Old School of the New Breed of Craft Whiskey Makers”.

“The story of Coppersea Distilling out of West Park, New York is a fascinating one, to be sure. These guys are one of the most old school of the new breed of craft whiskey makers, right down to being just one of a handful of distilleries in the US to have their own malting floor. Many consider them a heritage distillery [defined as utilizing unique techniques which are over 200 years old], if you will, which is what makes it all the more interesting to tell you about a new bourbon they’ve just announced that is ready for purchase. Known as Excelsior Bourbon, this is a young whiskey that’s said to be 100 percent New York. What does that mean exactly? According to a recent email update from the distillery, the bourbon “comes from all-NY grain distilled in NY and aged in barrels made in New York of Hudson Valley oak.” –Whisky Wash, 6/15.

Featured Selections:

Coppersea Corn Whiskey
Coppersea Excelsior Bourbon
Coppersea Green Malt Barley
Coppersea Green Malt Rye
Coppersea Raw Rye (750ML)