In the Press 2013

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The Observer

Ten wine apps to help you buy the perfect bottle - By David Williams

November 29, 2013 ~ 4. Local Wine Events (iPhone, Android – free) Local Wine events app logo Like wine-searcher, another Ronseal app that scores for its simplicity, being essentially a listings service of tastings and other wine events in your area. An app like this depends on the quality and timeliness of its information, and in this respect it's hard to fault if you live in London: I was amazed at just how many wine events there are in the city these days. It's slightly less impressive if you're on holiday or visiting wine regions overseas: just 10 events came up for the next year in wine-mad Bordeaux, for example, and there were none at all for Barcelona.


The Age (Australian)

Five of the best wine apps - By Isabelle Berglas

April 26, 2013 ~
5. Wine Events
Free; iPhone, iPad

Now that you have finished brushing up on your wine knowledge, it is finally time for the serious stuff, going out to sample some wines. Luckily, this app has already done all the research and lists major events happening near you. So whether you are in the Napa Valley, Melbourne, Sydney or London, you will find a plethora of public tastings, open cellar doors and master classes right on your doorstep. And if you subscribe to the Juice, their free email newsletter, you need never miss a great event again.


The Denver Post

How to behave at a wine tasting - By Bill St. John

January 02, 2013 ~ >>> Seasonal fairs, wine schools and winery tasting rooms offer wine tastings. But perhaps the best chance to taste several wines is at for-fee tastings held by a fundraising or affinity group at a restaurant or other venue. (The best place to find out about such tastings, all over the world, is at, the most comprehensive posting of such events.) .......