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"I will definitely keep adding events to your site; I would have to crazy if I did not! Thanks!"

Elisa Brennan | Executive Assistant to the VP of Marketing www.jwine.com

"Thanks to you and www.localwineevents.com our Western Australia wine event sold out 7 days before the tasting in San Francisco (And you know how tough that town is) and we could have doubled our ticket sales if we had the space."

Steve Burns | USA representative of the Wine Industry of Western Australia (WA)

"I've posted on a Sonoma County tourism site,, as well as in the calendar of the hometown newspaper (where I work), ... I'm curious as to which sites people will hear about our event. So far, yours is winning! I've already had several people who've seen the item from your site -- more than others I've posted on. Thanks and I'll keep that in mind for future events! "


"Thanks, Eric. I've had lots of good experiences with companies on your website--it is by far the best way to find out about wine-related events in NYC. Best,"

Kim | Professor/International Security

"Hi, I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed the Taste of Redwood Valley Event this Father's Day, June 20. We would have never heard of it without your email. Thank you. Thanks again,"

Shari Kern

"Thanks so much. Excellent site you have, incredibly comprehensive. We have informed all our participating wine stores of your website. All the best, "

Daiva Jocius | Marketing and Development Manager One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre Calgary, Canada

"Dear Eric: You deserve much credit for your terrific site, which is a nice resource for the wine industry. Congratulations on putting together an easily navigable, welcoming ‘hub’ for everyone!"

Jonathan A. Gelula | KDM Global Partners, LLC www.kdmglobalpartners.com/

"Hello, My name is Mary McHale and I work for Talbert Communications, a PR firm in New York City. The majority of our clients are wines and spirits and we are very interested in contacting you regarding some of our featured cocktails and/or wine information. I think your website is fabulous!! "

Mary McHale | Talbert Communications, Ltd. 80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 805 New York, NY 10011

"EVO, Thank you very much for the juice. We look forward to reading your emails as they reach us. Keep up the good work."

Miriam | mirmarart.com ~ drinkgifts.com

"Eric, You guys are doing a great job......love the new format of "The Juice".......it takes time to tweak things just right You're providing a great service. Sincerely,"

Jose E. Rodriguez

"Eric, Just wanted to tell you: How much we love your website and calendar; We appreciate your helping us promote events for our clients, such as the one just posted for Lombardi’s earlier in the week. Keep up the good work, and from all of us wine fiends up here in the Pacific Northwest: Yahoo! Warm regards, "

Margo Spellman | Margo Spellman The Spellman Company big hearts. small firm. great ideas.

"Hi Eric, I enjoyed meeting you at the Nightclub and Bar Show. . Good luck with your website. I think it is a great resource for hospitality and beverage operations to promote their events."

Jean Hertzman | www.unlvino.com

" Thank you for the update! Love it all..."

Priscilla Cespedes | Dolce Gabbana dolcegabbana.it

"Hi Eric - Thanks for the ongoing improvements, localwinevents continues to be a great source of information for us, we have found great stores even when we don't attend their tastings."

Tracey Lewin

"Hi Eric, Just wanted to thank you for your site. There's something for everyone. I'm organizing Spanish wine tasting classes in NYC and at some time hope to replicate the idea to spread to Boston, D.C., Atlanta, and Miami. Thanks and keep up the good work."

April Cullom | Global Bridges International Marketing & Trade www.globalbridgesnyc.com

"HI ERIC, Thanks so much for all your help--- I couldn't believe I got to speak with a live person...you are famous in the online wine world!...."

Mia Fassero | Miner Family Winery www.minerwines.com

"Hi Eric~ I have posted events before on your site, I love it! I am the event artist for Wine Lovers wine bar, The Deer Lodge restaurant in Ojai and Our luxury wine party bus!!! I have gotten alot of response from the LA area from your site :)"

Lori Bridge | The Deer Lodge restaurant in Ojai

"Thanks Eric! It is actually working really well and classes are selling a lot faster with this system"

Rebecca Chapa | Tannin Management Wine by the Class 415 751-0247 http://www.winebytheclass.com

"Thank you for helping make our event a success!"

Karey Murphy-Molloy | Special Projects Manager 212.741.9174 www.cleaverco.com

"Hi Eric! I'll certainly carry out your instructions...But what I'd really like to tell you is that LocalWineEvents has produced record crowds for our winetastings/booksignings. For every event I've posted for our Saucy Sisters Wine Divas Tour, we've had people attending because of your website. THANK YOU! "

Cheers! Barbara Nowak and Beverly Wichman | SaucySisters.com

"Eric, Just wanted to tell you: 1. How much we love your website and calendar; 2. We appreciate your helping us promote events for our clients, such as the one just posted for Lombardi’s earlier in the week. Keep up the good work, and from all of us wine fiends up here in the Pacific Northwest. Warm regards, Margo"

Margo Spellman | The Spellman Company big hearts. small firm. great ideas. 4201 East Lee Street. Seattle, WA 98112 206.349.3944

"Dear Eric, I just wanted to take a moment to Thank You for the great service you provide for both consumers and industry providers. We appreciate what you are doing and love using your service! Next time you are in Los Angeles, please come see us. You can taste any wines at our wine bar on the house."

Cheers, Paul Schnee | Red Carpet Wine www.redcarpetwine.com

"I just wanted to say thanks for doing a fantastic job. I have received many customers from your web site and you are obviously doing a great job. Please let me know how I can support you? If you are ever in NYC, please drop a line, lets have a glass of wine!"

Lisa | Lisa Grossman Bacchus Wine Made Simple www.bacchusnyc.com

"Eric's doing a great job w/the site/interface/e-msgs/etc, btw. And while most of our online traffic comes in blind or bookmarked, his site is one of that regularly generates good traffic for us [right up there w/google & gismondi.com). Sheri "

Sheri Wisnowski | www.libertywinemerchants.com

"I enjoy your site very much and have forwarded it to friends."

Beverly M | Imports Inc./Chicago