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Salut Wine + Food Festival

Toronto’s Hot Wine, Food & Lifestyle Festival – entertaining, Informative, educational.

There is a time and place to feed your craving for fine wine and gourmet food without breaking your budget.

Toronto’s premier wine and food festival returns this spring, offering a week of exciting and unique events designed to bring you up close and personal with leading local and international winemakers, chefs, food producers and gourmet trailblazers. Festival organizers have challenged the industry's best from around the world to deliver a series of events unique to Toronto and it's affluent food and wine lovers.

The result is a lifestyle event offering one-on-one access to an exciting world of international wine craftsmen, renowned chefs, fine dining, educational seminars and stylish tastings to be enjoyed by novice and serious wine lovers alike.

All of this at a price that will amaze!

Salut Toronto Wine + Food Festival: the event you have been craving.

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