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Salem Spring Fling: A Garden Of Earthly Delights!

Salem Spring Fling: A Garden of Earthly Delights! is held each March at Old Town Hall in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts, a beautiful, historic seaport. The Festival, which is fashioned after the Bacchanalia - a religious festival in honor of the wine god Dionysus or, as the Romans called him, Bacchus - marks the end of winter for New Englanders by indulging in the finest wines, craft beers and mouth watering food from North Shore restauranteursHistorically, the Bacchanalia was held in mid-March and priests and priestesses adorned with garlands of ivy would carry wine, honey, and cakes throughout Rome , celebrating and expressing themselves freely through music and pleasure.This modern day version - Spring Fling - features fine wines plus international and local craft beers. Local restaurants offer a variety of delectable culinary delights! Truly a party fit for Bacchus!

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