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Cochon555 U.s. Tour

Cochon555 is a national tour... a pork-filled feast... and a chefs competition... all centered around heritage breed pigs.

Our events — held in cities across the U.S. — have been called a culinary carnival. But that's only part of the story. Yes, you'll eat well... and drink well. In addition, you'll learn to appreciate family farmers and diverse heritage breeds. We promote safe and honest food sources... and donate to charity.

Oh, and about our name:

Cochon — The French word for pig.
555 — Each of our events showcases 5 chefs, 5 pigs and 5 winemakers.

Each competing chef is given a 180-200 pound heritage breed pig and tasked to create, prepare and present a ‘Judge’s Plate’ of six dishes that are scored on cooking techniques, flavor and other factors. Cochon555 is the world’s first environmentally conscious nose-to-tail pig competition.

Created in 2008 in response to the lack of education around heritage breed pigs, the competition started a series of national conversations about family farmers struggling to educate chefs and consumers about the health benefits of utilizing old-time livestock. As restaurants started to look for more honest food sources, the spotlight in the sky represented a safe place to find responsibly raised animals for menus. The friendly competition for a cause converged into one idea: the ultimate quest of flavor.

One thing that separates Cochon555 from other events is that we do everything with intention. We believe in the power of telling a story that our guests can engage with and invest in. Whether during intimate master classes or our signature Sunday events or pop-up charity dinners, we run a red thread through all we do - creating a powerful common narrative and experience that appeals to guests and influencers alike.

For more information about Cochon555, including our U.S. tour schedule, please click the link below to visit our website.

Visit the Cochon555 U.s. Tour Website