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Texan Wine Tour In Houston

Fri, September 24, 2021 (Departure Date)

Cost: 250-300 USD



If you are interested in learning more about Texas Wine, did you know that:


- There are currently 650 Texan wineries, most family owned

- 30% of them actually use some or make the majority of their wines with Texas grapes

- Only ten wineries also have their own vineyards

- 90% of the grapes used in 100% Texas wines comes from the High Plains



Usually to learn and taste Texan wines, since most are not in distribution and too small to ever be, one had to go to the Texas High Plains, relatively close to Lubbock or to the Hill Country around Fredericksburg.

But did you know that the Houston area has its own wineries/tasting rooms within its city limit (wide sense of the word “city limits”). There are three wineries showing off their wines in the area, that use mostly Texan grapes. And two are within the jurisdiction of the WAF group, in Tomball and Spring.


Gourmet Tours World Wide concentrates normally on tours to food and drink destinations abroad, but offers also three wine tours in Texas. One to the High Plains, one to the Hill Country and as of now, one in the Houston Area.


During the Houston Wine Tour, participants will meet the guide at a local BYOB restaurant to taste the first wines and have lunch. The winery in this case is building their tasting room and due to pandemic delays has not finished the project yet. So its off limits for visitors for now. 

After that we will visit a winery with small vineyards in Spring, and last a tasting room in Tomball. In Tomball we will have dinner and then return to the central meeting point.


Costs for the tour are for 6-9 people 299 USD per person and for 10-12 people 275 USD per person. Tours are offered Thursday-Saturday year round from 1-9pm

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