Virtual Tasting

Wine Appreciation – Sparkling Wines Workshop

Sat, December 5, 2020 (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM)

Cost: £27 (plus one-off £10 registration fee for all events at this venue)

During this online Saturday afternoon masterclass run by experienced tutor Paula Goddard - also known as @wineuncorkeduk on Twitter and Instagram - you’ll taste, learn and discuss the sparkling wines of champagne, Prosecco and cava. You’ll understand how they are made and distinguish their different flavours. You’ll also learn the professional wine tasting technique to describe the flavours and aromas found in the glass, and decide what wines to get in for festive occasions. This course is for anyone with an interest in wine. No prior knowledge is required.

The cost of wine is not covered by the course fee and you will need to purchase the three wines to be covered during the afternoon class - expect to spend between £8.00 and £20.00 a bottle. These will not be specific wines from a specific retailer but sparkling wines that can be found in many places and at various prices. A list of suggested wines will be provided along with places to purchase – both online and locally - on booking the course.

Buckinghamshire champagne specialist Moore Champagne ( is offering a 10% discount to anyone enrolling, while national online wine specialist Virgin Wines ( is also offering a special discount of 15% to students.

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