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Trendy Wines Worth Trying With Paul K - Part 2

Wed, April 21, 2021 (7:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

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 Which wine regions, grapes and styles are under-valued and worth trying?

 Should you be skeptical about celebrity-endorsed wines?

 Should you join a wine club that ships wines to your home regularly, and if so, how do you choose the right one for you?

 Well tonight you’re going to get those insider tips and lots of colourful stories!


 Paul K is the host of the podcast Wine Talks with Paul K on which he interviews wine industry royalty as well as Michelin starred chefs. He’s also the owner of America’s oldest wine club, the Original Wine of the Month Club. His expertise in the wine industry spans over 30 years. His father invented the idea of wine in the mail in 1972 and they have been serving wine enthusiasts ever since.

 I’m live-streaming this video Wednesday April 21st at 7pm EST on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube from a conversation I had with this wonderful guest for my podcast, Unreserved Wine Talk.

 I’ll be jumping into the comments as we watch it together so that I can be more active than ever answering your questions.

 I want to hear from you! What’s your opinion of what we’re discussing? What take-aways or tips do you love most from this chat? What questions do you have that we didn’t answer?




 One of you is going to win a personally signed copy of Rex Pickett’s novel to Sideways that was also made into a hit movie, as well as a bottle of Sideways Pinot Noir.

 All you have to do is post whatever wine you’re drinking lately on your favourite social media channel: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn and tag me. I’ll post this in the comments so you can just copy and paste.

 I’ll select the winner from those of you who participate before Wednesday, April 21st.

 Plus! You’ll get a bonus entry for every wine-loving friend you tag. I’ll reshare your stories and posts with my followers so that you connect with more wine lovers.

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