Virtual Tasting

Quini FREE Virtual Wine Tasting And THREE FREE WINE BOTTLES

Sat, October 24, 2020 (2:00 PM - 4:00 PM)

Cost: Free

Welcome to Quini’s virtual wine tasting event. We’re conducting research on 3 Australian wines and are looking for 10 households to join us.

Your wines will be paid for by Quini. We will guide you through a wine tasting process that will be a brand new, fun experience for you and your guest(s). You will discover new aspects of your own palate and certainly more about tasting wine methodically.

You will also have the pleasure of learning from renowned wine expert Asia Pacific Wine And Spirit Institute Executive Director, Dr. Clinton Lee (

All wines will be rated using the Quini application on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Quini will reimburse you the full cost of the three wines on the Tuesday October 27th. Related instructions will be sent to you by email.

These Quini virtual events have been a huge success in North America and we believe that you will love them too. The three wines we’ll be tasting are household names but your opinion is the only thing that matters.

This is a RESEARCH event so there are a few ground rules.

Here’s how it works:

Invite 1 - 2 people to join you for the tasting (they need to be in the SAME room during the tasting so please make sure you comply with all local COVID-19 safety measures in place).

Each RSVP must bring one guest or more.

Once you’ve RSVP’d, we will send you a form to complete that includes your name, email, as well as the contact information of your guest(s) so we can make sure they are aware of all of the details.

Upon completing this form you’ll be sent two pieces of information:

1. The names of the wines we’re tasting as well as stores in your city that carry them.

2. Instructions to create a Quini account and complete your user profile.

NOTE: You and your guest(s) must complete your user profile before Saturday, October 17 to keep your spot at this event. Due to the high demand for Quini events, we regret that we will not be able to extend this date and will automatically pass you and your guests' spots to another party.

Go to your local wine store to pick up the three wines for tasting. Remember to keep the receipt on your for reimbursement after you and your guest(s) have completed rating the wines during the event.

Join the Zoom event on the day and time of the session. All attendees must have their camera on.

For all first comers, please join the Zoom event by 1:30 PM so we can make sure your Quini account is all set up so we can start on time at 2:00 PM, without holding up others.

Make sure to invite your friend(s) and RSVP! This meetup will fill up quickly.

BY RSVP-ing to this event, you and your guests are also joining Quini's at home wine consumer wine judging panel network and agree to the following terms:

i) you commit to filling your user profile in full, including age, gender, average cost of wine bottles you usually buy, household income, ethnic background, city of usual residence and other information;

ii) you commit to rate the wines honestly and thoroughly and to ask one of our team members if you are unsure of any step of the wine rating process;

iii) confirm that you are a wine consumer of legal drinking age who on average currently buys 2 or more wine bottles each month, or orders wine at least twice in restaurants each month, including white wine;

iv) you agree that other than your email, the information and data you input into Quini is the property of Quini and may and can be published and or sold by Quini or third parties;

v) that you will pour only one ounce of wine for rating the wines with Quini and observe all legal alcohol drinking laws at all times; and,

vi) you absolve Quini and its clients and the wineries and brands of wines tasted and/or shipped to your residence and the delivery service of all responsibility and liabilities of potential issues legal and otherwise that may arise as a result of this program and your participation in it.

We look forward to hosting you,

The Quini Team

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