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ONLINE TASTING - Portugal: Europe's Misunderstood Treasure Trove

Sat, March 6, 2021 (7:30 PM - 9:00 PM)

Cost: £12.50

The most underrated wine country in the world? Portugal comes very close to the top of the pile. Yes, it’s very famous for its fortified wines, port and Madeira, and it’s infamous for those of a certain age for Mateus Rosé, whose flask-shaped bottles fuelled many a tryst in days long gone by (and many impromptu candle-holders the morning after).

But there’s far more to the wines of Portugal than port and pinkness, as you’ll discover with this online tasting of a white wine and two reds. The white is a Vinho Verde, while the reds come from Dão in the north of the country and the Alentejo in the south. With these three, we’ll only be scratching the surface of the estimated 250 different grape varieties that can be found here, but hopefully they’ll whet your appetite to try some of the others!

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