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JAPANESE WHISKY Online Tasting – Masterclass

Mon, December 4, 2023 (6:30 PM - 8:00 PM)

Cost: $76

Premium Japanese whisky tasting online with a whisky expert who has lived in Japan and is well connecetd with the producers

Enjoy a selection of great JAPANESE WHISKIES through an educative and fun experience with an expert. After you book, you will recieve your tasting kit, and the zoom link. the session is live online.

Learn how to nose and taste like a pro, compare and then differentiate these great scotch expressions.

You will receive a tasting kit with five 1-oz samples by mail, a zoom link and a tasting support by email.

You will enjoy these five beautiful and highly awarded expressions*:


  • Ichiro’s Malt and Grain, from the iconic Chichibu distillery and its Master distiller Ichiro Akuto
  • Hibiki Harmony, from the Suntori’s three Japanese distilleries, blended by Master Shinji Fukuyo
  • Nikka Coffey grain, a unique make for a very distinctive expression created by Tadashi Sakuma, the master distiller
  • YAMAZAKI 12 YEARS OLD, single malt, a sought after expression from the first historical whisky distillery in Japan.
  • Cosmo Mars Maltage from the Hombo Shuzo distillery, also collected directly at the distillery in the Japanese Alps.

Get immersed in a Japanese whiskies journey with a whisky expert who has lived in Japan and knows the master distillers!

The goal? You will learn how to better know, compare and enjoy Japanese whiskies!

This session is very interactive, quite fun and educational and you can ask any question!


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