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World Inclusion Day - Art & Wine Tasting - Hosted By JYC Family Importers

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    Tue, October 10, 2023 (5:30 PM - 7:30 PM)

Cork and Thorn
70 West Imperial Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89102
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Tuesday, Oct. 10th, JYC Family Importers will host a Wine Tasting at Cork and Thorn, in the Arts District to benefit The Garden Foundation

Come join JYC Family Importers for an Art and Wine Tasting event to benefit The Garden Foundation.

The Garden Foundation (TGF) is a non-profit organization serving those with disabilities in the city of Las Vegas. Their goal is to support and enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing a place of education, inspiration, independence and inclusion. Last September Taylor Gardner, the CEO and founder of TGF launched Dig It! Coffee Co in the Downtown Arts District. Dig It! Coffee Co is the first business in Las Vegas whose mission is to provide competitive wage opportunities for adults of ALL abilities. Dig It! Coffee Co isn't here to just serve great coffee. They are on a mission to CHANGE the future.

Did you know:

  • 81% of adults with disabilities are unemployed
  • Out of those who are employed, a vast majority work in segregated, sheltered workshops earning less than minimum wage (and YES, in the state of Nevada it is legal to pay adults with disabilities less than $2.50 an hour)

JYC Family Importers has offered to host this year's World Inclusion Day event. JYC Family Importers began as a dream in 2015 following a visit to the vineyard of a dear friend, Ceschin Giulio. June and Heather are a mother daughter team that had been searching for an adventure they could enjoy together. They partnered with Ceschin Giulio and his fantastic wines. Heather and June wanted to share those memories with others through their private "degustazioni" or tasting events as well as distribution and wholesale sales. All wines sold are from the Italian Vineyard of Ceschin Giulio.

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