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Wine Tasting At A Penthouse Augmented Reality Gallery Experience

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    Tue, October 17, 2023 (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

14540 Titus St
14540 Titus Street
Los Angeles, CA 91402
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Bring some food and submerge yourself into 2 hours of the most imagination expanding, visual experience of your life!

1-818-384-0344 :: (Dan)


Featuring astonishing art of Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Android Jones, Takashi Murakami, Julius Horsthuis and many others in ways you have never seen before.


‍‍ A totally private space for 2 will be provided

Wine tasting while watching a sunset from the 14th floor

Meditation in VR and Breathtaking LED art show

️ Professional sanitization service before your viewing

Spiritual Augmented Reality projector show with Lightform LF2+

General Info

Every tour incorporates: NFTs, VR Art, AR Art, Lightform and much more!

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Double Reality Gallery 14540 Titus Street, Los Angeles, CA, 91402

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The doors open and you walk into the future. As you explore your way down, you are welcomed by a breathtaking sunset and an unconventionally beautiful interior with custom furniture and trippy artwork that all come to life through augmented reality. After delicious wine tasting, the show begins. To the sound of meditative music, the entire space begins to lightup through an LED art show. And now, the true transformation into a different reality ascends.

The wall in front of you starts to bleed with color, the artworks come alive, the wall collapses and fascinating psychedelic 3D effects come to the surface in the most unimaginable ways. To complete, you put on the VR headset and find yourselves immersed in the identical replica of the physical gallery but in virtual reality version of it. There are dragons, cyclopses, a portal that you teleport through , tunnels and secret rooms that you explore as you feel your imagination and spirituality expanding.

Text Dan when you arrive 818-384-0344. Park at a big parking lot across from the address provided. Entrance is at the black gate by the building. 1 ticket per person, please be sure to purchase 2 tickets.

See Android Jones' art in ways in has never been shown to the world before, in augmented and virtual reality!

Breathtaking fractal art animations by Julius Horthius on massive screens and Lightform

Raffle: When you recommend this to a friend, his/her purchased ticket becomes YOUR raffle for your chances to win an Oculus Quest II (drawn once every 6 months).

No Refunds. Must reschedule within 20 days from booking if the person is unable to attend on the date originally booked for OR if the date is unavailable due to any other reasons.

By RSVPing this event you are acknowledging that you are attending it in person at your own risk. Your RSVP also acknowledges that you are currently not tested positive for COVID-19, have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days and agree to protect yourself and exercise social responsibility during the event.

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