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Wine 101 With Dilek Caner, Master Of Wine

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    Thu, February 23, 2023 (6:30 PM - 8:00 PM)

Blind Bishop
310 Sunset Ave
Dallas, TX 75208
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Cost: $85

Learning goals:

Learn and use a logical system for tasting and evaluating wine. It will help you remember, describe and classify the wines that you taste.

  • You’ll no longer be at a loss for words to describe the wines you like. You’ll also be better able to remember which wines you like and why you like them. This helps you make better choices for yourself when buying or ordering wine. By mastering a basic wine vocabulary, you’ll also be and sound more knowledgeable so you can engage in conversation with wine connoisseurs and learn from them.

Learn about some of the classical red and white grape varieties, experience and understand their differences.

  • When you taste wines side-by-side, their differences become apparent. Using the tasting format taught in this class, you'll practice identifying and articulating these differences for the major grape varieties.

Explore the basic principles of food and wine pairing.

  • Food and wine interact in a way that alters the taste of both. While the perfect pairing is a personal preference, there are some common combinations that please (or offend) a majority of people. For example, our perception of an orange’s sweetness changes when eaten after having a spoonful of honey, even though in absolute terms the taste of the orange has stayed the same. Likewise, a wedge of lime tastes less sour with salt. Knowing how the food and wine’s components interact with each other will help you make better pairings and avoid those that are unpleasant to most people.

Develop a plan for venturing away from the safe wine that you always drink.

  • When you know why you like certain wines, it becomes easier and more fun to experiment with new wines while minimizing the risk that you’ll be disappointed.

Cost: $85 plus tax including tuition, the food components and 6 wines to be tasted. Please note that the food components are the basic taste components such as sweet, salty, bitter etc. This class does not include a pairing dinner.

All attendees must be min 21 years old on the event date.


Blind Bishop

310 Sunset Ave

Dallas, TX 75208


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Dallas Wine Center

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