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Sopranos Pizza Night Via RomanSQ

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    Fri, October 14, 2022 (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Sopranos Social Club & Wine Bar
2140 Gulf Gate Drive
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Cost: Free

Sure we all know that Pizza is very subjective just like Wine! Being that most of us all grew up somewhere else than Florida, we all in our minds what we have considered the Best Pizza there is? Keeping that in mind, so do I!

RomanSQ Pizza right here in Gulf Gate has, (what I consider) the

One of the BEST if not the BEST Pizzas in Sarasota.

Hoa and Tom Donatelli have created RomanSQ which is Roman Style Pizza.

"The perfect pizza is one that gives you joy when you bite into one and you know that life is worth living. Our 96 hour dough gives life to those pizzas!

The science in the dough is familiar to those who bake, especially those who bake using sourdough - all natural, no added sugars, no additives.

The dough starts of life as a mixture of flour, yeast, and water. With the correct ratio and combination, and careful tending until maturation, the dough gradually forms air bubbles that are key to the final Roman square that you get to hold in your hands. The greater the dough's ability to keep those air bubbles the lighter the end product.

If you then take one step back, you should be able to see that the dough's ability to keep those air bubbles must rest with the flour and its combination with water and yeast. With that in mind, we can appreciate that the use of the right flour and understanding how to combine with the water and yeast is the most important first step in creating the perfect dough.

Must the water be anointed water? This depends on who you talk to and the subtle tastes that you might want to discern from the soluble minerals that are present in the water, depending on your source. Crucial though is the pH of the water. Too high the acidity/alkalinity and the fermentation drops, giving you less bubbles and airiness.

To ensure we maintain the correct water pH we also use our very own filtration system and have been delighted with the results.

Beyond the things we can touch and feel, we also rely on time to allow the wonderful chemical reactions to take place to give us the wonderful bubbles.

Why 96 hours? We've found that our perfect dough takes form then." RomanSQ

Soprano's Social Club & Wine Bar

Alright so October 14th @ the Soprano's Social Club & Wine Bar

it's BYO Pizza Night from RomanSQ.

It would be best to call in your orders to RomanSQ the day/night before.

If you do decide to order the same day, please do so before 5pm and if you need assistance with time and want us to pick up your order, give us call at the Social Club.

Of course, you can just stop RomanSQ and grab it yourself. Thanks.


6670 Superior Ave, Sarasota FL 34231

Keep in mind this is the type of Pizza which you order by the slice.

We'll have a pizza stone here to heat up your pizza if desired.

We'll be open from 6-9ish pm

$5 to $10 glasses of wine will be available.

rsvp's are greatly appreciated too

Soprano's Social Club & Wine Bar

2120 Gulf Gate Drive



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Soprano's Social Club

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