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OREOlympics Competitive Cookie Games At One More Page Books

Tue, July 23, 2024 (6:30 PM - 8:00 PM)

One More Page Books
2200 North Westmoreland Street
Arlington, VA 22213
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Join us for an evening of taste tests and athletic feats featuring a wide variety of OREO flavors!

As we all know, the people of ancient Greece originated the tradition of bringing citizens together once every four years for a large celebration of skill and appreciation relating to round sandwich cookies. It’s our great honor to carry on that ritual as we call our best and most athletic cookie connoisseurs to One More Page to participate in this year’s OREOlympics.

If you follow One More Page on social media, or if you happen to overhear their charmingly chaotic staff conversations while you’re browsing in the store, you might be aware that our team here has spent the last few years sampling a variety of innovative new flavors of OREOs®. We’ve been evaluating and comparing them as an exercise in the scientific principles of cookies, as well as staff bonding.

Now we welcome you chosen few to join us to compete in a series of cookie-related athletic feats. Can you identify the flavor of OREO® with just a taste test? How well can you twist the cookie apart without disturbing the creme filling? Or perhaps you’d just like to contribute to the philosophical debates regarding OREO® lore (Loreo, if you will): Double Stuf vs. Thin, chocolate cookies vs. golden cookies (are the latter really even OREOs®???), and more existential quandaries.

Our space (and cookies) are limited, so this is a ticketed after-hours event. For a $15 ticket, you’ll get access to a variety of OREOs® to sample, a complimentary sparkling wine tasting, and optional participation in competitive games.

*Please note that OREOs® contain gluten, and are produced in a plant that processes milk, eggs and nuts.

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