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Gourmet Kettle Popcorn And Wine Pairing At Averill House Vineyard

This event has ended.

    Sun, October 1, 2023 (11:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

Averill House Vineyard
21 Averill Road
Brookline, NH 03033
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The rich, buttery flavors of the popcorn complement the nuanced flavors of the wine, creating a truly unique and satisfying experience.

Join us as we pair Gourmet Hand Made Kettle Corn with our hand crafted wines. You Choose the wine and ask your associate to pair the popcorn! This one of a kind event has been so much fun we have extended it through October.

For a classic pairing, try a Chardonnay with our truffle-infused popcorn. The buttery notes of the Chardonnay perfectly balance the earthy truffle flavor of the popcorn. If you prefer a red wine, opt for a Pinot Noir to pair with our sweet and savory kettle corn. The fruity, acidic notes of the wine pair beautifully with the sweet and salty flavors of the popcorn.

We also offer a range of other gourmet popcorn flavors, each with its own unique characteristics that can be paired with a variety of wines.

Whether you're hosting a gathering with friends or simply looking to indulge in a treat for yourself, our gourmet popcorn and wine pairing is sure to impress.

Visit our website to browse our selection of popcorn flavors and find the perfect pairing for your favorite wine.

Flavors enhanced seasonally! Cheers to delicious snacking!

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