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French Steakhouse Dinner (Cooking Class + Dinner)

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    Sun, June 30, 2024 (5:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Selfup Venue
19 Kingston St, #1
Boston, MA 02111
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Chef Peredina, the former Saucier Chef at Las Vegas’ Palace Court, takes you on a fun-filled journey of the menu of a classic French Bistro

Craving the rich foods of a traditional French Bistro but can’t make the trip across the pond? Chef John Peredina takes you on a fun-filled journey of the menu of a classic French Bistro without ever leaving downtown Boston.

  • You’ll start your Selfup cooking experience with the traditional Salade Niçoise - the go-to salad for summer. With crunchy lettuce, ripe tomatoes, potatoes, tuna, and soft-boiled eggs, it's full of flavor and texture.

  • Your next course - the Filet au Poivre - is certain to spoil your taste buds with a spicy demi glace made from the filet drippings, Brandy, and green peppercorns. A prime cut of meat expertly paired with a sauce so delicious you’re sure to be sopping it up with a baguette makes an impeccable main course.
  • The only dish that could follow a meal like this is the classic Creme Brûlée. You’ll learn how to recreate this flambeed tableside classic in your own kitchen! It’s the quintessential wind-down to an incredible meal.

This cooking class is a perfect romantic night out for couples, or a fun adventure for friends or coworkers. After your au revoir, you’ll be able to recreate these French dinner classics in your own kitchen.

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