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Epic Drinking From The New Beaujolais - Boulder

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    Wed, October 4, 2023 (6:15 PM - 7:30 PM)

Dedalus Wine Shop, Market & Wine Bar
1825 Pearl St, Ste. B
Boulder, CO 80302
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Wine shouldn’t be boring. It should be electric. Delicious. An adventure. Come join us and taste some wine!

Wherever food nerds and wine nerds come together you’re bound to find a few bottles (or cases) of Beaujolais. Poppy, vibrant, high-toned wines that run from straight up drink-me-right-now to bottled meditation - Beaujolais has it all. There’s no better party wine, and few that belong on the table as often. The best news - the region is awash with amazing new producers. The best of them make wines deeply connected to the Beaujolais but running wild with new energy and style.

We’re in deep at Dedalus. We’ve walked the vineyards, broken bread at the winemakers' tables, worked harvests, studied the maps and taken the tests. We’re big wine nerds with big wine energy. We’re bringing all that energy and adventure to you with our new lineup of expert lead wine tastings.

At every one of these events we’re going to taste 6 to 8 of our most delicious, inspiring and exciting wines. The stuff of sommelier day dreams. Hand-made gems that only a world class wine merchant (ahem) can get their hands on. We’re going to get into new discoveries from the front lines and pit legends against young lions from classic regions. No matter how you slice it, each of these tastings is a killer opportunity to dive in, dial in to what you like, and explore the classic byways and the new frontiers of wine.

Best of all, if you love what’s in your glass you can take it home. Every tasting doubles as a buying event - an opportunity to snag the electric, in-demand wines we’re pouring before they disappear. Come to these tastings and you'll get priority access to the most exciting bottlings at great prices.

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