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Eden: Natural Wine Garden

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    Sun, June 25, 2023 (3:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Our Place Event Space & Kitchen
1107 Firehouse Alley
Sacramento, CA 95814
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Eden: Natural Wine Garden is the first of its kind in the Greater Sacramento Area - 10 natural winemakers x 2 DJ's x Soul Food x YOU

Wth is "NATURAL WINE"? It's wine made by people who are breaking the status-quo of industrialized winemaking and rediscovering a heritage in which farming and winemaking are intimately linked. Natural wine is made without chemical additives. It is made by hand and farmed responsibly.

The mission is to introduce and popularize the natural wine industry within black and brown culture, being that there are a lot of paralells. One being that it is a rebel industry opposite of conventional wine and is revolutionizing the way wine is made, marketed and consumed - therefore, often frowned upon despite how intriguing, layered and at times beautifully flawed it is. With that said, what better way to kick this marriage off than with some R&B, soul food and pretty people on a sunny Sunday afternoon ?

​So, come taste the emerging world of natural wine and learn about what you drink with us in the jiggiest fashion. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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