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Cincinnati's Table Dinner

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    Wed, October 11, 2023 (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

American Sign Museum, Monmouth Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, USA
1330 Monmouth Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45225
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Featuring Chef Fabiola Rodriguez & Artist Sofia Padilla, and IRLC speakers. A Visionaries + Voices Show of Hands Puppet Festival event!

Cincinnati's Table Dinner: Immigration

Step into a world of flavors and artistry as we come together for an unforgettable evening brought to you by Visionaries + Voices Show of Hands Puppet Festival, Welcoming America, The American Sign Museum and Wave Pool!

Free resources on the immigration process will be provided by the speakers of the evening from Immigrant Refugee Law Center: Mayra Casas-Jackson and attorney Erin Patterson.

Experience the innovation and tradition in the featured menu prepared by chef Fabiola Rodriguez!

Belong by guest artist Sofía Padilla follows the path of a family forced to flee their home and their struggles to navigate the system while rebuilding their identity.

This performance will be followed by OVERHEAD PROJECTOR PUPPETS: Mixing Shadow Puppets and Sand Drawings. This multilevel workshop will guide you in how to create Shadow Puppets and explore Sand Drawings, as well as how this two elements can interact with each other. You can use your creations for Live Performance, Stop Motion Animation or Filmmaking!

At the heart of our event is the desire to foster a sense of belonging and unity within our community. We believe that art and food have the power to bridge cultural divides and create lasting connections. Join us in building a stronger, more inclusive community where everyone is welcomed.

This event has been made possible by the Fund to Foster Grant 2023 .

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