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Cheesy, Meaty, Sweet & Salty Wine Chips. Potato Chips Paired With Wine!

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    Fri, July 12, 2024 (11:00 AM - 12:45 PM)

Averill House Vineyard
21 Averill Road
Brookline, NH 03033
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Sensuous bold Wine Chips are Gourmet Potato Chips paired perfect with your wine tasting. Naturally gluten-free, cheese-less, and meat-less.

Celebrate with us through a Wine tasting and Wine Chip, Gourmet Chip pairing event. Experience the boldest, cheesiest, and most satisfying potato chip crafted exclusively for wine. Sample four flavors paired by our associate to complement your choice of four wines! Bold flavors, always fresh, and gluten-free.

The experience includes:

1. A tasting of four wines, with a choice from over 21 varieties.

2. Four gourmet chips paired meticulously by our winery associate to delight your palate.

That's right, you select the wine, and we eliminate the guesswork by pairing your choice with the finest chips!

Available in limited supply, enjoy a cheese-less, meat-less wine snack. Chip varieties will vary, featuring flavors like Asiago, Sea Salt, RibEye, Smoked Gouda, Blue Cheese, and Manchego.

Optionally, enhance your tasting with #WineCream ice cream or a wine slushy. Flavors vary, handcrafted with our wines, and are the perfect complement to Wine Chips.

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