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Burgundy - The Wine Tasting Experience

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    Sat, September 30, 2023 (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

1514 Washington Boulevard, Detroit, MI, USA
1514 Washington Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226
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Get ready for a divine journey through the rich flavors and aromas of Burgundy wines, as we indulge in a captivating wine tasting experience

Immerse yourself in an enchanting evening of Burgundy wine delights. Join us for a sophisticated wine tasting experience that goes beyond the glass. Discover the rich history and unique characteristics of Burgundy wines as our experts guide you through each sip. Elevate your palate with delectable food pairings that complement the wines perfectly. As the night unfolds, be captivated by a special art performance that adds a touch of elegance to the ambiance. Unveil the essence of Burgundy through a sensorial journey that blends education, culinary pleasures, and artistic expression. An extraordinary soirée that tantalizes every sense awaits you.

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