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2023 USA Trade Tasting Is Here: Time To Get Your Tickets

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    Tue, October 17, 2023 to Wed, October 18, 2023 (1:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Morgan MFG, 401 N Morgan St Suite #100, Chicago, IL 60642.
Morgan MFG, 401 N Morgan St Suite #100, Chicago, IL 60642.
Chicago, Illinois 60642
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Cost: $0 - $299

2023 USA Trade Tasting Is Here: Time To Get Your Tickets

USA Trade Tasting is annual wine & spirits trade show for retailers, importers, distributors, sommeliers & bartenders to meet & grow business opportunities.

The theme of the 7th Edition of USA Trade Tasting 2023 is ‘Making Chicago America’s Top Drinks Business Meeting Destination.' Chicago is well-known for the food and beverage choices it offers and will notably contribute in shaping the alcohol space in the B2B segment in the coming years. USATT's 7th edition in 2023 will bring together its previous editions and experiences with the primary purpose of elevating and reconnecting USA’s drinks industry.

Here are 20 things to expect and new at USATT 2023:

Dynamic Venue: The event takes place in Chicago's vibrant West Loop, setting the stage for an engaging experience.

Curated Exhibitors: Discover a meticulously selected lineup of exhibitors and brands that resonate with current buyer preferences and trends.

Industry Convergence: USATT 2023 brings together renowned industry professionals, creating unparalleled networking opportunities.

Insightful Content: Engage with 4 industry panels, 8 keynotes, 24 speakers, and 2 masterclasses delivering actionable insights.

Downtown Immersion: Relocated to downtown Chicago, the event offers an immersive experience deeply rooted in the city's beverage culture.

Chicago's Best: Local exhibitors from Chicago shine, showcasing the city's diverse beverage offerings and forging connections.

Global Flavors: Explore international exhibitors, including iconic regions like Champagne, Burgundy, and emerging markets.

Niche Focus: USATT 2023 targets brown spirits, tequila, mezcal, and innovative categories like RTDs and seltzers.

Enhanced Networking: Paid visitor passes ensure meaningful interactions, attracting a dedicated and engaged audience.

Virtual Access: Live streaming of conferences allows remote participants to be part of the event's discussions.

Elevated Sessions: Dive into TED-style sessions, 8 keynotes, 4 panels, and 2 masterclasses for enriched learning.

Revamped Schedule: The event starts at 1 pm, optimized for traffic and convenience, with the conference at 11 am.

Connecting Chicago: The event's theme underscores the aim to unite Chicago's beverage community.

Expo Highlights: Explore spirits, local brews, distilleries, and wineries, tailored to buyers' preferences.

Global Outreach: International brands target growth in the US market, focusing on high-demand regions.

Educational Insights: USATT launches "USATT Educational Sessions" with interviews from industry leaders.

Chicago's Culinary Capital: Discover a city buzzing with energy and innovation, perfect for networking.

Emerging Trends: USATT 2023 introduces attention to low alcohol, non-alcoholic, and seltzer brands.

B2B Excellence: Connect with importers, distributors, retailers, and restaurateurs in a focused setting.

VIP Networking: Culminate the event with an informal cocktail night, connecting with industry peers.

USATT conference, covering a diverse range of topics that are crucial in today's ever-evolving beverage industry:

Data Talk: Uncover the power of data in shaping successful strategies.

Effective Brand-Restaurant Collaboration: Learn the art of working seamlessly with restaurant chains, from pitching to ongoing support.

Regulatory and Compliance: Navigate the complex world of regulations and compliance.

Panel Discussions: Engage with experts from distribution, import, retail, and ecommerce sectors.

Restaurant Buyers Masterclass: Join Sommeliers Choice Awards winners for an enriching session.

Bartenders and Bar Managers Masterclass: Gain insights from Bartender Spirits Awards winners.

The two-day event in October 2023 will focus on TED-style actionable sessions that will include 26 speakers. There will be 8 keynote sessions of 30 minutes each, and 4 panels of 60 minutes each. The conference will shine the spotlight on importers, distributors, retailers and restaurateurs.

For the last 6 years, the drinks industry has turned to Beverage Trade Netork’s USA Trade Tasting event and conference to discover the latest trends and network with the drinks community. Our signature two-day event for the beverage industry brings together thought leaders, trailblazers, and the next generation of brand founders to help beverage industry professionals thrive.

Some of the speakers include: Jim Bube MS Michael E. Klauer Jeremy Kruidenier Timothy Hill Michael Marsico Mark Braver Colin Hofer Daisy Penzo Nancy Sabatini, Merchant Sommelier Mike Boswell Andrew Levy Michael Maloney Tommaso Mistretta Bruce Abbott Steve Beckner, CSW Nick Laviola Sid Patel

View full schedule and speakers.

End it with the VIP networking party

Next to business, BTN is best known for the cocktail nights at the end of all our events. These are informal platforms to network with the industry and catch up on trends, patterns, rising personalities and all of it with a drink in hand!

This is the perfect opportunity to convert those connections that were made in the two days of business. With lip-smacking cocktails in the heart of the city and lots of conversations to catch up on, it is this party that is the perfect finisher. Feel free to dress up because our photographer will be there for the paparazzi moments. If you’ve made it to this party, you’ve probably made it to the creme de la creme of Chicago's and suburbs' drinks industry.

Here are the ticket options:

Expo Floor: Free (1pm to 7pm)

In-Person Conference: $299 (11am to 7pm).

Cocktail: $49 (7pm to 8pm).

Get tickets.

Date and Location:

October 17-18, 2023, Morgan MFG, 401 N Morgan St Suite #100, Chicago, IL 60642.

USATT looks forward to seeing the industry members in October 2023 in Chicago. Save the date for October 17-18, 2023. Be a part of meeting, connecting and learning in the heart of the US drinks industry. Get your tickets here.

Orgnized by: Beverage Trade Network

BeverageTradeNetwork creates marketplaces in the wine, beer, spirits, and cannabis space where brands and buyers come together and unlock new opportunities.

Some of the trade shows and competitions Beverage Trade Network owns and runs include International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show San Francisco and London, Cannabis Drinks Expo, UK Trade Tasting, London Wine, Beer and Spirits Competition, Sommeliers Choice Awards, Bartender Spirits Awards.

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