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Wine 101 Foundation™

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Wine 101 - Foundation Online Course™

Let’s face it; wine is too intimidating.

Our online course will demystify wine for you! Get your foot in the door with a solid foundation – it’s never too late to start learning about wine. You’ll learn everything from how to pick out a bottle, how to read and write tasting notes, and what makes each grape unique. It doesn’t matter if you prefer red or white, sweet or dry – we have something for everyone!

We can help you take that first step towards becoming an expert on all things vino-related. With our interactive online course, you’ll be able to work at your own pace and ask questions as they come up along the way. Plus, we offer wine kits and live webinars so that you can interact with the instructor and your fellow students live!

By taking our online foundation course, you’ll gain access to all of the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary for improving your knowledge base in order to enjoy better wines with friends and family at home or, who knows, maybe you will even start your own successful wine business.

Module 1

Introduction To Wine

  • Introduction
  • What’s in the Bottle
  • Wine Types & Styles
  • Review & Quiz

Module 2

The Influence Of Site, Grape Type, & Techniques

  • Introduction
  • The Influence of Site
  • Wine Types & Styles
  • The Influence of Winemaking
  • Review & Quiz

Module 3

Principle Wine Regions Of The World

  • Introduction
  • Wine Labels
  • Old World
  • New World
  • Review & Quiz

Module 4

Tasting, Serving, Storing & Pairing

  • Introduction
  • Tasting Wine
  • Proper Storing & Serving
  • Wine Pairing Basics
  • Ordering Wine
  • Review & Quiz


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Napa Valley Wine Academy

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