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Orange Wine Master Class

Thu, October 8, 2020 (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Cost: 35-150

Take a deep dive into the fascinating and varied world of orange wine – white wines fermented with their skins, like a red wine. This session is for wine lovers and professionals alike who want to get geeky about how skin-fermented white wines are made, how they can show heightened terroir & varietal characteristics, and how they vary from region to region and from vintage to vintage.


We will go into technical aspects and in-depth discussions about each wine and its production methods, as well as explaining the fascinating backstory to these wines – and how they are rooted in ancient traditions and cultures.


The world’s leading orange wines expert, Simon J Woolf, will lead you

through a tasting of 3 premium orange wines from Europe and the Caucusus.

Azienda Agricola Denavolo Dinavolino 2018: Dinavolino, like its big sibling Dinavolo, is an orange wine made from 25% Ortrugo, 25% Malvasia di Candia, 25% Marsanne, and 25% unknown grapes grown in Val Trebbia, Emilia-Romagna, Central Italy.

Artana Rkatsiteli 2018: Dry natural wine made from 100% white grape varietal Rkatsiteli grown in the village Artana, Kakheti Region, Georgia.

Meinklang Graupert Pinot Gris 2017: Graupert is a skin contact natural wine made from biodynamic Pinot Gris grapes – Neusiedlersee region of Austria.


Tasting pack is linked and sold separately. Tasting pack ($105) not included in the price of admission. 

Purchase the Tasting Pack through our partner retail Primal Wine ($105)


Included in the price of admission is the Amber Revolution E-Book with brand new bonus content being released this Fall.

Simon is a British wine writer and journalist, currently based in the Netherlands. He is the author of the acclaimed book Amber Revolution: How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine, and also a regular contributor to wine periodicals such as Decanter magazine, World of Fine Wine and Noble Rot. Simon is also the founder and editor of, a highly respected source of quality writing and information on natural, organic and biodynamic wines and the people who make them.

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