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Orange Wine 101

Tue, October 6, 2020 (6:00 PM - 7:30 PM)

Cost: 25-125

Think Orange wine comes from Oranges? Think again!

Geek out with us on Zoom as we sip, sample and learn about a category of wine that represents an ancient way of winemaking, dating back some 8,000 years as we celebrate National Orange Wine Day.


This Orange Wine 101 Class will be led by NYC-based certified sommelier, wine educator and wine book author Charles Springfield. The class will consist of a category overview, guided tasting and a Question & Answer section initiated via the Chat function.


Not really sure what is an orange wine?


Orange wines are made from white wine grapes. To make an orange wine, white skin grapes are made like a red wine. That means the skins, seeds and sometimes stems are left to sit with the juice of the grapes for an extended amount of time. The length of time with the skins and juice could be one day or a few months. The colors that white skin grapes give off with extended juice to skin contact are ranges of orange, copper, amber, pink and hibiscus. The skin contact also gives orange wines a slight tannic structure. That structure brings in a certain level of astringency to the wine. It also brings an extra layer of natural preservatives, giving orange wines a much longer shelf life than white wines.


Orange wines are a throwback to winemaking in times gone by that have made a resurgence in today’s wine world. Utterly unique in smell and flavor, some wine lovers wonder, however, if this type of winemaking should have been left long forgotten.


Love it, hate it or indifferent to it, orange wines are truly quirky. They also happen to work really well when paired with food, especially some of the more challenging food options or dinners with a vast array of dishes, like a buffet or family-style dining.


Join us to get some great insight into this unique wine category and how you can incorporate them into your life in a fun and meaningful ways.


One for the orange wine lovers with skin contact Pinot Gris producing a fresh, but also tannic wine that is the perfect food pairing for savory dishes like tapas or a charcuterie board.


This wine has wonderful notes of orange peel, grapefruit, and a hint of tannin that makes it a perfect light orange wine. It spent 2 weeks on its skins with no sulfites added, and was an experimental with with only 300 bottles made! It came from an old vineyard close to Raphael’s village with limestone and marl soil.


Made from a blend of Grillo, Catarratto, and Grecanico grapes. This is a great introduction to orange wine if you're just wanting to dip your toe in! Pair this with all the fish - steamed, in pasta, grilled, etc.


NOTE: Please purchase your curated “Orange Wine 101 Tasting Pack” to taste along with the group. The price of admission does not include a tasting pack. These wines are available through our event retail partner MYSA


We look forward to seeing you and celebrating National Orange Wine Day. 

About our Instructor: Charles Springfield is a certified sommelier, wine educator and book author in New York City. His mission is to help promote wine appreciation through education in the form of classes, events and various forms of media. His book, “The Less is More Approach to Wine,” works to deliver wine education in easy to understand and manageable servings. He wants to help wine lovers create a deeper, more personal relationship with wine. This summer, Charles released a new book called “Maneuvering Rosé Wine With Style” focused on educating consumers about the rose wine category and rosé styles from around the world. You can find him at and on Instagram @thewinestylings. His books are available on and other fine book retailers.

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