Online Class

Level Two In Wines - Online Fine Vintage Certification Course

Cost: $299

Self Guided

Instructor: James Cluer MW

It’s a fascinating journey, packed with useful information, and an abundance of videos featuring the world’s leading winemakers.

You start with an overview of the the history of wine from 8,000 B.C. to the current day. Then you delve into the vineyard, how you grow grapes, and the factors that combine to create terroir. You will then learn how all the major types of wine are made, the options, and the results. You will learn what makes wines taste different.

Fourteen of the world’s most important grape varieties are profiled, including where they grow, and what they taste like. You will also learn how to taste, with extensive video explanations by James Cluer MW.

The course wraps up with how to read a label, how to store and serve wine, the etiquette involved, and food pairing. There is a wealth of information explained in a concise and easy-to-understand style.

There are nine modules:

Module 1: History of Wine to the Modern Day

Module 2: About the Vineyard

Module 3: Winemaking & Maturation

Module 4: What Makes Wine Taste Different

Module 5: How to Taste Wine

Module 6: How to Read a Label

Module 7: Storage & Service of Wine

Module 8: Food & Wine Pairing

Module 9: Examination

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