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American Wine Expert™ | Online

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Become an expert on the largest wine region you’ve never studied.

Most professional certifications focus on other global wine regions, or only mention America’s West Coast. However, there are exceptional AVAs in every region of the U.S.

We designed the American Wine Expert™ to provide all the information you need to truly be an expert in American wines. The enthusiast will find it fascinating; the professional will find it essential for marketing and selling wine in the U.S.

Deepen your understanding of American wine with Master of Wine Peter Marks, the 10th American to pass the rigorous MW certification. 

By the end of the course, you’ll have a full understanding of:

  • U.S. Climate, Geography, and Wine regions
  • U.S. Grape Species & Varieties
  • U.S. Wine Laws, Critical Industry Trends and Statistics


About America

  • Wine Industry Numbers/Statistics
  • Climate and Geography
  • History of the Wine Industry
  • Milestones of the Wine Industry
  • Wine Laws
  • Grape Species & Varieties


California Appellations

  • Napa Valley & Sonoma
  • Other Northern California Appellations
  • Central Coast and Valley Appellations
  • Sierra Foothills Appellations
  • Southern California Appellations

Other U.S. Appellations

The Rest of America

  • Washington & Oregon
  • Other Northwest
  • New York & Pennsylvania
  • Mid-Atlantic & New England
  • Virginia
  • Southeast & Midwest
  • Texas & The Rest


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