Traverse City-Northwest MI - Wineries and Vineyards

This is a list with links to various Wineries and Vineyards in and around Traverse City-Northwest MI.
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Rudbeckia Winery and Burnt Marshmallow Brewery

Rudbeckia Winery and Burnt Marshmallow Brewing are co-located in our shared tasting/tap room within the newly approved Tip of the Mitt AVA. Our tasting room staff has over 25 years of international knowledge and experience in wine and beer including certifications from the French Wine Society and San Francisco Wine School. We offer a unique wine tasting experience that is fun and educational. We pour fresh wine everyday either by newly opened bottles or by using the Coravin preservation system that allows us to pour wine through the cork without ever opening the bottle. We standardize on Riedel Crystal tasting glassware for both wine and beer. These glasses are designed to enhance the aromatics of the beer and wine thereby maximizing the flavors. We offer generous pours to ensure you have enough wine, cider or beer in the glass to “see, swirl, sniff and savor”.
3379 Lake Grove
Petoskey, MI
ph. 231-622-4173