DC Suburbs-Annapolis - Wine Education and Schools

This is a list with links to various Wine Education and Schools in and around DC Suburbs-Annapolis.
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Italian Wine Central--Online Wine School

Italian Wine Central (IWC) is your first stop for information about the wines of Italy. We offer courses for the aspiring Italian wine lover and enthusiast as well as the professional. All courses are online and can be taken from anywhere around the world. Discovering Italian Wine™ is the perfect introductory course for those just getting started on their wine journey or those who are expanding out of their comfort zone (California, France, etc.). No prior knowledge of Italian wines is required. (That’s why it’s called “Discovering”!) The Italian Wine Professional™ (IWP) is an upper-level certification course, which takes students from a knowledge of the basics and broadens and deepens that knowledge to include less well-known wines from all over Italy. Graduates of this program are certified as Italian Wine Professionals. The IWC website also contains detailed descriptions of the many types of wines produced in the hundreds of official wine denominations in Italy, along with information about most of the significant Italian grape varieties.