Cognac Grande Fine Champagne 1811 Reserve

What is the value of extra fine bottle Imperatrice Josephine Grande Reserve Cognac, distilled in 1811 bottled on April 26, 1934. Sealed with all tax stamps and Perfect Label. I have pictures showing everything. Full. Interested in selling.

Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

It's certainly curious that you are inquiring about what appears to be the very same Cognac I discussed in an earlier question (which you can review at the link below). Only the bottling date (April rather than November) appears to be different. There are already various posts and photos online of this particular Cognac, or similar iterations. In my earlier response, I cited a bottle sold by Christie's in 2010 for USD 7,200, suggesting that this serious auction house must have verified its authenticity. I still remained concerned about bottles of what should be a very rare item which seem to be circulating in several countries. You may want to contact an auctioneer to have your bottle examined by experts; if it proves genuine, they may be interested in offering it for sale given its possible value. [Link to earlier question:]

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