Old Madeira Wine From 1967

Hello! I was given an old madeira wine bottle from 1967 that I am trying to find information about. I have looked everywhere on the internet without results. I even consulted the local wine expert and even he did not know who has produced this wine. The label says Madeira Velho (Old madeira), Verdelho, vintage 1967, estate bottled and the letters Q S. I would be happy to send a picture of the bottle if you like! Greatly thankful for any information you can give me! Best regards Magnus From Finland

Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

Your bottle is a mystery indeed! First, it is rare to find a Madeira from vintage 1967. Other vintages in the 1960s were more common, such as 1966, 1968 and 1969. Michael Broadbent does not cite any wines from 1967 in his Great Vintage Wine Book. The website which has tracked auctions worldwide since 2004 shows no sales of Madeira from that vintage (WineAuctionPrices.com). One online source (madeirawineguide.com) lists two from 1967, a Verdelho and Bual, both from Barbeito. The fact that you cannot find any clear indication of the source on the bottle raises questions about authenticity. If it is a shipper's bottling of some kind, there should still be details on the label (unless a sticker has come off). If you like, you can send a photo to the contact address on my website, using the link below. Hopefully, I may see something that clears up the mystery.

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