Hello. I tasted a wine in Italy earlier this year & was wondering if you anyone in the UK stocked it. I believe the sparkling wine was called ' Franciacorta'. I would be grateful for any assistance you can provide. Thanking you Nichola

Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

Franciacorta is widely viewed as Italy's finest sparkling wine denomination and may be found in various styles, from the standard non-vintage to longer-aged vintage and riserva examples as well as a rosé. Those referred to as Franciacorta Satèn have less pressure (below 5 atmospheres). The grapes for Franciacorta include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc in varying proportions depending on the style and preference of the producer. In terms of dosage or degree of sweetening, Brut is most common, but there are drier or totally dry (which may be labeled dosage zero) and Extra Brut versions along with softer and slightly sweeter Extra Dry bottlings (except Satèn, only offered as Brut). This should give you some basic guidance as you consider the options. In the U.K., numerous brands are in distribution. Berlucchi is a respected name offering a range of products. Ferghettina is present in quite a few retail outlets and locations as is Bellavista. You may also find Ca' del Bosco, which has a lofty reputation and commands high prices. I suggest you look into availability of one of these products in your locale by checking online listings of wine shops close to your home, or purchase over the internet as that may give you more choices.

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