Wine Shipping Law In Missouri

I want to have more than two cases of wine per month shipped to my address. However the state of Missouri only allows two cases a month to each address. Does anyone know of a movement to change this law? I'm frustrated. I want to join more than one wine club.

Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

Your question is a very specific one and relates to Missouri residents only. However, many consumers elsewhere in the U.S. would appreciate far easier access to wine than currently prevails, regardless of sourcing. In 2015, there are 40 states which allow out-of-state winery direct-to-consumer shipping, and only 14 states permitting out-of-state retailer direct shipping (and, yes, many retailers in other states who bend the rules). But the regulations don't stop there. The fact is that we live in a country with layers of regulation governing alcoholic beverages, some at the Federal level and many others dictated by each state. The rules are full of quirks and arbitrary stipulations, such as the limit you find unreasonable. This is the real issue, and it makes for enormous differences from one state to another - and frustration for wine drinkers. The solution is to lobby your state government - the Missouri General Assembly in your case - to enact changes. It could be more effective to do so as a group rather than as one individual. Perhaps, by posting this reply, other Missouri residents might be encouraged to express interest in this sort of initiative.

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