Turkish Wine

Where can I purchase Turkish wine in the South Bay Area?

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Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey 1959

Hi I have a 1/2 bottle of the above wine. It says at the bottom Imported & bottled by Percy Fox ad Co London. Does this make it cheaper than if it was bottled in France? If so what would be an approx. price if I wanted to sell it.

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Guy De Barjac Cornas

I enjoyed Barjac's Cornas for years. When he passed away some years ago, the estate disappeared. He had truly excellently sited vineyards. Can you find out who purchased his vineyards and If they make a selection from his original vineyards?

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What Happened To Joseph Picone?

A friend brought a bottle of '82 Joseph Picone Petite Sirah to dinner. No visible ullage, cork broke on removal, wine dark and aromatic, tasted at least 15 years younger. All in all very good. Still tannic. Could not find much on this wine. Apparently bought out by Miramonte. Dead…

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California Organic Wines

Hello! I am doing research for a local SoCal business and am looking for brands that have a featured organic wines or even exclusive organic wine or wineries in California; and particularly in southern california. Any suggestions of brands? Thank you! Michelle.

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Wine Education

Is there a local wine school in or around the Portland area? I’d like to open a tasting room in Honolulu in the next year or two.

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Size Of Container

Dear Sir, I am told that the bigger the bottle, the better the chances that the wine will last. Does that apply to spirits like cognac? In what sizes do cognac bottles come? Thanks.

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Cold Chain

Dear Sir, we made the mistake of leaving a bottle of limoncello and a bottle of mirto in the freezer several days before a party and then of leaving them at room temperature all night long during the party (don't ask). Can we still put them in the fridge or…

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