Tipping Etiquette

When asking a sommelier for a wine recommendation with a meal, is it appropriate to tip the sommelier? If so, is it a separate tip from the server?


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Petite Sirah & Syrah

What is the difference between Petite Sirah and Syrah? Thank you.

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Wine Selection For Office Dinner

Which wines would you select/suggest for a small office dinner (12 people) at a restaurant, each having different taste? I don't have a budget, but would like to stay in the middle and the restaurants wine list is massive. The question really is how would you start, possibly a mixture…

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Whats Better For You ?

i am a huge wine lover my favorite ever day wine is pino grigio and i my favorit red wine is merlot which wine has more calories ?

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Do Wines NEED To Be Kept In A Wine Cooler

Ok here I go

Why would someone NEED a wine cooler / \"frig\" ?

I guess my question is should I buy one or not. Home D has a few nices ones in there close out section. They kee the wine from 50-70 degress and that range is selectable.

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Gift Idea

i have a girl friend and she says her parents know thier wine(not sure to what extent), this is our first holiday season together and i was wondering if a box set of Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay would be an acceptable gift. they are nice people but i dont…

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Rose Bushes

Why do most vineyards have rose bushes at the end of the vine rows?

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