Brandy And Whiskey Academy

please help me find a brandy and whiskey academy in South Africa where i can get a decent qualification

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What Is The Name Of The Wine Pourer I Saw?

Hi All,

I was at a fancy resturant a while ago and when we ordered a bottle of vintage wine the manager brought out a pourer. It held the bottle and had a crank that poured the wine as you cranked. It also had the candle under the neck…

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Gimme A Red!

I am a big white wine fan, particularly Zinfandel, I know, yucky, but would like to branch out into the reds. Could you recommend a good red that I might like. I have not had any luck with the ones I have tried. I guess I am stuck on the…

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Aging Time For Bull's Blood

I have a friend who visited Hungary several years ago and brought back a bottle of Egri Bukaver (Bull's Blood), vintage 1999. She has not opened it yet, and I told her she may want to find out how long the wine can age, as it may have passed already.…

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Spicy Food And Wine

what works well with spicy food? I prefer beer with spicy food, but sometimes we prefer to drink wine.. any suggestions?

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Wine Glasses

Ok, I got the idea that the right glass enhances flavor and bouquet. But how is this more than a clever marketing ploy if all the glasses are different shapes? I checked Spiegelau, Schott Zwiesel, Riedel and Ravenscroft. Glass shapes range from tear-drop shaped to round and full (like the…

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Wine Virgin

I have recently started to delve into the world of red wine. I do like the taste but am finding it a little too bitter/dry at times. Could you recommend a red wine (brand OR type i.e. shiraz, merlot, pinot noir etc.) that is sweeter but not nearly as sweet…

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Definition Of Name

What exactly does it mean to call something a \"proprietary wine\"? Does it mean anything to different to call it a \"proprietary blend\"?

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