Sake School of America

SAKE SCHOOL OF AMERICA is an education and training center specializing in Sake, Shochu, and Japanese liquors, for Sake professionals and enthusiasts to expand their knowledge and to explore further enjoyment of the category. SAKE SCHOOL OF AMERICA aims toward fostering higher appreciation and memorable drinking and dining experiences. We are fully committed to educating trade professionals and enthusiasts alike, to promote Sake in faraway countries at the same level of understanding and enjoyment as is in its homeland of Japan. During the 1980s in Japan, Jizake, fine artisan Sake climbed to popularity as consumers discovered tantalizing flavors and aromas from microbrews crafted in remote breweries, some with legendary tales which date back centuries. When this best kept secret arrived in the US during the 1990s, Americans too were quickly enamored and charmed by “the novel Jizake”. Nowadays, with a variety of specialized foods spanning from casual dining, to trendy Sushi bars, authentic Izakayas, and fancy Kaiseki, there’s a Jizake suitable for any dish. The world of Sake is a joyful exploration into Japanese culture, cuisine, and the brewing art, and it is our mission to spread this wonder of Japan to the people of the world. SAKE SCHOOL OF AMERICA is endorsed by the Sake Service Institute International (SSI), the largest organization of sake sommelier certification in Japan & also by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

431 Crocker Street
Los Angeles, CA
ph. 213-830-9557

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