TX6 - a T-Rex from Texas

By: Susanna Gaertner

At my first glimpse of the bottle from this hitherto unknown to me Texan winery, I didn't know exactly what to think, not to mention that “Texas Red Wine” did not sound promising. But you shouldn't judge a book by the cover. While I freely admit to not loving the label, I am IN love with the contents.

The TX6 from Locations Wine is crafted from blend of assorted Bordeaux varietals, barrel aged in neutral French oak for ten months and then released for what turns out to be a singularly stunning red wine. Locations purposefully blends across appellations to produce wine removing restrictions held within traditional winemaking circles. Unfettered by the demands of local laws and restrictions, Phinney can mix across appellations to select from “all the things I care about: old vines, interesting varietals, diverse soils, reliable and consistent temperatures” and then achieve supremely balanced, nuanced, palate-pleasing wines.

Ah, now I understand the label: “Texas Red Wine” is really “Bordeaux Brilliance.” Winemaker Dave Phinney—“one of the more creative young minds in all of the world's winedom” according to Robert Parker—has managed to infuse both the fruit bloom and mineral reserve of the classic Bordeaux varietals to fashion a wine bursting with the pleasing, teasing dichotomies of herbs and berries, cedar and cassis, in short, a strong spine under ripe fruit.

T-Rex would be my name for the TX6!

Find it on their website: www.locationswine.com

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As a wine travel writer for Epicurean Traveler, Susanna has written about venues in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Chile. She also contributes to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Susanna would like to extend special thanks to her mentors, the teaching staff of the wine program at the CIA in St. Helena.

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