Way Out Wineries Mardi Gras Wine Trail

A Winter Wine Festival In Comanche, Granbury, Lometa and Other Locations, Texas

Festival Type: Wine

Comanche, Granbury, Lometa and Other Locations, Texas

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The Mardi Gras Wine Trail is an annual Texas event put on by the Way Out Wineries (WOW, for short).

We're a group of boutique wineries located between Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin. We're a bit off the beaten path, but you'll be WOW'd by our wines.

During our Mardi Gras Wine Trail event you can drive through still-sleeping vineyards to visit cozy wineries ready to party down before the grapes start waking up and the hard work begins.

Each winery on the trail offers their wine paired with a Cajun or New Orleans style dish.

If you're ready to "Let The Good Times Roll," please join the Way Out Wineries during our annual Mardi Gras Wine Trail celebration.

For more information, click the link below to the visit the WOW website.

More info: wayoutwineries.org/way-wineries-event/mardi-gras-road-trip/

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