Tasting (walk around) Events

This is a list of events tagged as "Tasting (walk around)" in Long Beach, California.

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Date Event City
Jun, 20 2019 Modern Wines of Hungary and Slovenia    Signal Hill
Jun, 21 2019 Pinot Noir    Long Beach
Jun, 22 2019 Impressive French Sparkling Wines    Signal Hill
Jun, 22 2019 Pinot Noir    Long Beach
Jun, 27 2019 Canadian Wine Adventure    Signal Hill
Jun, 27 2019 Hill Family Estate    Long Beach
Jun, 28 2019 Napa Valley    Long Beach
Jun, 29 2019 Dry White Wines of Spain and Portugal    Signal Hill
Jun, 29 2019 Napa Valley    Long Beach
Jul, 04 2019 4th of July Rosé Fest    Signal Hill
Jul, 06 2019 Our 2nd Annual Empanada Fest    Signal Hill
Jul, 11 2019 Refreshing white wines from Basque Country: Txakolina    Signal Hill
Jul, 13 2019 Bourgogne Rouge: Red Burgundy!    Signal Hill
Jul, 18 2019 White Wines of South Africa    Signal Hill
Jul, 20 2019 California Adventure: Refreshing Summer White Wines    Signal Hill
Jul, 25 2019 Alpine White Wines from France's Savoie and Jura    Signal Hill
Sep, 28 2019 40’s On The Fantail - Wine, Beer & Food Festival!    San Pedro