Date Event City
Oct 18    In-Store Tasting: American wines of Argyle and MacRostie w/ Marci Weinstein    Washington DC
Oct 19    In-Store Tasting: The Spanish wines of Ole Imports    Washington DC
Oct 20    In-Store Tasting: Italian wines from Leonardo LoCascio Selections    Washington DC
Oct 21    In-Store Tasting: California wines of Fess Parker    Washington DC
Oct 25    In-Store Tasting: Australian wines from Negociants USA    Washington DC
Oct 26    In-Store Tasting: Alsace wines from Trimbach    Washington DC
Oct 27    In-Store Tasting: Sonoma wines of St. Francis    Washington DC
Oct 28    In-Store Tasting: The Spanish Cavas of Ramon Canals    Washington DC
Nov 01    In-Store Tasting: Broadbent Selections wines with Jon Daniels    Washington DC
Nov 02    In-Store Tasting: Oregon wines from Duck Pond Cellars    Washington DC
Nov 03    In-Store Tasting: Spanish wines of South River Imports    Washington DC
Nov 04    In-Store Tasting: Portuguese wines from Dionysos Imports    Washington DC
Nov 08    In-Store Tasting: Prosecco sparkling wines from Valdo    Washington DC
Nov 09    In-Store Tasting: Holiday wines with CW's Ben Giliberti    Washington DC
Nov 10    In-Store Tasting: Rhone wines of Saint Cosme    Washington DC
Nov 11    In-Store Tasting: Portuguese wines from Quintessential Imports    Washington DC
Nov 12    In-Store Tasting: Italian wines from Kobrand Imports    Washington DC
Nov 14    In-Store Tasting: Argentinian wines from Zuccardi    Washington DC
Nov 15    In-Store Tasting: Burgundy wines from Louis Latour    Washington DC
Nov 16    In-Store Tasting: Treasury Wine Estates wines    Washington DC
Nov 18    In-Store Tasting: French wines of Louis Jadot from Kobrand    Washington DC
Nov 23    In-Store Tasting: Beaujolais wines from Georges Duboeuf    Washington DC
Nov 24    In-Store Tasting: CW Direct Import Wines    Washington DC
Nov 25    In-Store Tasting: Bulgarian wines with Diana Richer    Washington DC
Nov 29    In-Store Tasting: Argentinian wines from Catena Zapata    Washington DC
Nov 30    In-Store Tasting: Spanish wines from Castillo Jumilla    Washington DC
Dec 01    In-Store Tasting: Imported wines from Kysela Pere et Fils    Washington DC
Dec 02    In-Store Tasting: Port wines from Premium Port Wines    Washington DC
Dec 06    Champagne and Sparkling Wine Event    Washington DC