Brunello Experience Ft. Casanova Di Neri and Podere Le Ripe at Monteverdi

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February 15, 2019 (Fri)

Monteverdi Tuscany
Montalcino / Montepulciano
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Cost: €5.500 single / €7.500 double

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Monteverdi's Exclusive Brunello Experience

Every February, large crowds of wine aficionados gather in Tuscany to celebrate the latest Brunello and Brunello Riserva vintages. At Monteverdi Tuscany, we prefer a more intimate approach to savoring fine wine. For this reason, we have curated an exclusive itinerary that takes guests on an educational journey through the creation of a Brunello – from harvesting and vinting, to tasting and pairing. A guided excursion to Montalcino will acquaint guests with the heritage and landscape that gives birth to Brunello. Classes at the Monteverdi Culinary Academy will teach guests how to prepare dishes that pair beautifully with Brunello. Local wineries Casanova di Neri and Podere le Ripi, will introduce guests to all the nuances and complexities of their latest Brunello vintages, along with their other acclaimed wines.

Casanova di Neri is a prestigious, award-winning winery owned and operated by the perennial 100-point, father-and-son winemaking team of Giacomo Neri and Giovanni Neri. In order to provide a more personal introduction to their brilliant wines, Giacomo will welcome Monteverdi guests to Casanova di Neri for a private unveiling of their select Brunellos, which will not be presented at this year’s Benvenuto Brunello.

Podere le Ripi is a lauded regional winery with a deep dedication to excellence. Their biodynamic approach creates wines that authentically express the natures of the soil and flora. Wine experts from Podere le Ripi have curated a tasting tour through Montalcino’s Benvenuto Brunello, exclusively for Monteverdi guests. With over 200 wines at Benvenuto Brunello, the event can be overwhelming. The Podere le Ripi sommelier will lead a hyper-selective tour through the event, tasting only the top wines from local producers.

Join us for an intimate introduction to Brunello di Montalcino.

What’s included:

• 4-night stay at our luxury hotel, Monteverdi Tuscany
• Daily breakfast in our fine-dining restaurant, Oreade
• 3 dinners at Monteverdi Tuscany, incorporating Brunellos from some of the finest producers and vintages
• Tour and private tasting at Casanova di Neri winery
• Lunch in Montalcino and dinner in Montepulciano, at restaurants carefully chosen by our Executive Chef, Giancarla Bodoni
• Cooking class and lunch in the Monteverdi Culinary Academy
• Curated wine tour through Montalcino’s Benvenuto Brunello, guided by Podere le Ripi
• Tour of Podere le Ripi winery, followed by a private wine tasting and lunch
• Wine-based spa treatment in the world-class Monteverdi Spa
• All transportation to events included in this itinerary

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