Photographyc, Cultural, Wine and Food Trip to the Island of Sardinia, Italy

April 29, 2019 (Mon)

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Cost: Double occupancy US dollars 5449 .00 , Single Add $ 550.00

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Escorted Photographyc, Cultural, Wine and Food Trip To The Enchanted Island of Sardinia

April 29 to May 14, 2019, (15 nights-16 days) 

Sardinia born Rod Meloni a wine, Italian Cuisine and Cultural expert, along with renown, land- scape and fine Canadian art photographers Stephen Patterson and Eugene Mio, will be leading a trip early May 2019, to the ancient island of Sardinia recognized today asone of the five Blue Zones of the world. Sardinia for its scenery, culture, wine and food is also a dream for visitors particularly  photographers. In his 1921 book “Sea and Sardinia" D. H. Lawrence wrote  “ This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel nothing finished, nothing  definitive,it is like freedom itself.

Details : April 29 Rod, Steven and Gene  will welcome you at the Cagliari Airport. From there you will be transferred by chartered bus to the hotel which will be your residence for the next four days.After a few hours rest we will meet for dinner where you will experience the first of the daily four courses Sardinian dinners, which  will include wines, mineral water and coffee/tea. Many of the planned event during your stay are briefly stated here

The Saint Efisio parade: This feast has been held every year since 1656 and honors the Saint with a parade in which thou- sands of people from the whole island, dressed in their traditional, colorful and different costumes take part. During the next four days with our chartered bus, we will explore all the main attractions on the south of the island.  Among them, Nora the Roman city almost completely submerged, the mines near Iglesias, the dunes of Piscinas, winer visit with tastings  and the large colony of pink flamingos. This colony continues to expand on Cagliari’s salt flats at the rate of more than ten thousand newborns each year.

Leaving Cagliari, we will overnight in Arbatax and explore the coast enhanced by the spectacular red granite rocks. Continuing north on our way to Posada, which will be our place of stay for the next four days we will board rented jeeps with driver and local guide who will  take the group to explore Sardinia' . spectacular mountains, canyons and villages. This area familiar only to expert guides and local shepherds is the home for Sardinian wild boar and wild goats and a spectacular local wine known as Nepente di Oliena. 

Upon leaving Posada, we will continue to the northernmost part of the island, known as Lunar Valley, famous for it’s beautifully sculpted sandstone rocks shaped by the wind and the sea over millions of years. During our three days there, we will visit the major islands in the Maddalena Archipelago, which includes Caprera, the island owned by Garibaldi, where he lived and is buried in along with his family. 

Next two days will be spent in Alghero ( Due to the Catalan domination also called Barceloneta ) a beautiful city very popular to Northern Europeans and where still today people speaks Catalan. From there we will visit Capo Caccia, Stintino and the island of Asinara  once  maximum security prison converted today to a national park and home of the white donkeys. Leaving Asinara on our way back to Cagliari, we will explore some of the west coast fishing villages along the way. Last day in Cagliari will be spent to visit the city and rest in anticipation of the flight  back  home

Land only prices include: Airpor transfers,Three plus / Four stars Three Plus-Four Stars accomotaions, Daily Breakfasts, Daily Four courses dinners with one bottle of wine  for two. Reserved seating during the St. Efisio Parade, Daily chartered bus,  Jeeps with drivers and professional guides during the mountain photo excursions, proffessional photography coaching, visit to wineries with tastings, Lunches in forest with  shepherds, etc.

Contact: Rod Meloni at , Tel # 902-4404813Good Morning  Rodolfo.

Testimonials and Press articles

  •  Dear Rod Regret the delay in sending a BIG THANK YOU, for thewonderful memories on the 20th Best of Italy tour, but it appears a European Flu/Cold followed us home. Revisiting, in our minds' eye, the diversity of villages, towns and cities, andmost importantly the wonderful wineries, with their Italian, Nectar of the Gods offerings,has helped us through.  Such spectacular scenery, and just as spectacularthe cuisine!  Bruno, should, yet again,  be commended for his creative and mouth wateringofferings. The Jewel in the Crown of the trip, was the "whole" Antinori experience.The passion and professionalism of our hosts at the various wineries, the reception at Palazzo Antinori,where we witnessed "the special bond", and history, you and the Maquis share..was so veryspecial.  The grand finale with the exclusive visit to the "birth place" of Tignanello followed bythe Antinori Bargino" state of the art" winery, with a  luncheon, "quaffing" Chianti Classico will forever, go, unsurpassed.Thanks again for the memories...your patience, and herding qualities.  You are a wonderfulvAmbassador for Italy.  Best regards, John and Donna
  • Dear Rod:When we went our separate ways after the completion of your 2015 Piedmont-Lake Como tour you asked all of us to write a review.  Well I am finally getting around to it! Both Chris and I had a great time.  It was our first ‘Rod tour’ and even though we had been told your Italian excursions were really good experiences and your program looked full of interesting sights and activities it was not until we actually got into it that we appreciated how much fun we were about to have.  stayed were outstanding and the meals at Cascina Borgofrancone deserve special mention.  The chef and his staff attempted (and succeeded) in outdoing himself every evening.The test of the quality of a tour like this is if we would take another one.  To that both Chris and I say a resounding ‘Yes’.  Thanks for showing us so much of this part of Northwestern Italy and doing such an outstanding organizing job so that our experience was unique and informative.Fondest regards, Kirk and Chris Annand
  • Hi  Rodolfo,Just a quick note to let you know that our flight arrived safely in Halifax and on time last night.Thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip. It was a sincere pleasure to get to spend time with such a fantastic group of people in such beautiful surroundings.Jeanie Burke
  • I believe that Rudolpho’s  life philosophy is “LIVE NOW, PROCRASTINATE LATER “ -  “SEIZE THE DAY….” - I hope that some of it rubs off on me - today I “seized” an expresso, “squeezed" in a hike “ and procrastinated  about laundry, mail, groceries, etc- there is always tomorrow !! - THANK YOU ALL for a “glorious” vacation - I hope that we can meet again soon - JUDY KazimirskiJust to reiterate what Pat, Jeanne and Sharon have already emailed----Thanks to you, Rodolfo, for such a wonderful northern Italy experience!  The testimonials of former travelers who have gone on your Italy trips, are what peaked my interest in signing up for a holiday with you, and I was not disappointed!! And meeting a great group of people to travel with, made the trip that much more delightful!Ciao for now!  Hope to meet up with you all again at some point.'Sue
  • Hi  Rodolfo, Thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip. It was a sincere pleasure to get to spend time with such a fantastic group of people in such beautiful surroundings. Ciao! Jeanie Burke
  •  “TRAVEL WITH RUDOLPHO MELONI AND EXPERIENCE ITALY AS IT IS LIVED BY THE ITALIANS.  Food, culture, wine, local geography is all better when done in the company of a man who knows Italy like his own kitchen. A UNIQUE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WAS OFFERED AND EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS.” Dr. JUDITH KAZIMIRSKI
  • After many years of travelling independently, we decided to join an organized tour of Northern Italy and unknown to us Slovenia and Croatia.  The trip was a fantastic experience  due to the organizational skills and knowledge of Rodolfo who did not leave anything to chance. From the first moment of our arrival in Venice everything felt into place.  Transportation (small and big buses), the  hotels as well as the choices of vineyards, wine houses, restaurants everything was well researched.Thanks Rodolfo for a job well done.  We highlly recommend any future trips organized by you. Gabrielle & Alberto Verri
  • Since 1999, my husband Fred and I have taken 6 trips to Italy with Rodolfo. We have been from Piedmont to Puglia and many points in between. We have had wonderful food, wine and accommodation.Every trip included places we would never have found by ourselves,even with extensive research. Rod really knows his native country,and seems to have contacts everywhere.The highest recommendation we can give, is that WE KEEP GOING BACK!!! Ann West, Halifax, Canada
  • Just a note to express our appreciation for the spectacular tour you and the Halifax Italian Wine Society hosted in October 2013. The tour of North Eastern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia was truly a five star experience. My wife and I have traveled extensively but rarely have we experienced your attention to detail and your ability to find the best places to visit, stay, eat and drink.The hotels selected were wonderful, we especially enjoyed the relaxed buffet breakfasts at our two hotels with great views of the sea in both cases. The historic sites you chose to augment our visits to wineries and restaurants were thought provoking and well planned. The war memorial at Redipuglia, the market and architecture of the Croatian capital of Ljubijana and the Roman amphitheater in Pula are examples of what the members of our tour group saw in great detail and with plenty of time to really enjoy the experience. Hot chocolate in Ljubijana was orgasmic for the chocolate lovers on this tour!Of course, the focus of our tour was wine and food. You found some wonderful wineries and restaurants to amaze us and satisfy us completely. The Winery Ronchi di Monzano was a highlight for drink while the Konobo Mondo restaurant in Motovun, Croatia served the most amazing white truffle dinner. You have the knack of finding the best Rod.The relaxed pace of your tour was appreciated by many in our group. Time was generously allotted for the events of the day. If time became an issue you were flexible enough to simply change the plan for the day to allow for an easy pace. My wife and I had a wonderful two weeks and learned much about the areas we visited and the wines and foods produced in them. We look forward to your future offerings.Sincerely, Greig Bishop and Terry Penny
  • I have traveled quite a bit over the years, sometimes on business, sometimes strictly for pleasure.  I have traveled mostly on my own, with my late husband or with individual friends. I always thought that organized group travel was for ‘wimps’.  That was until I experienced my first trip to Italy as part of one of Rod’s organized tours. That was a 2 week tour to Tuscany and the Veneto -.I thoroughly enjoyed the travel experience, the group nature of the travel, and the extraordinary access to amazing venues that Rod was able to provide.  Since then I have traveled with Rod’s group 3 more times, most recently in October 2013 when the trip was to Trieste, Slovenia and Croatia.  I was again impressed by Rod’s local contacts and the amazing amount of varied activities, visits and tours we were able to pack into the 14 days.  And, when compared to other similar tours offered, the price was very reasonable. A key element for me in the success of these trips is the amount of individual options that are available in the schedule.  For example, don’t want to do another lunch with the group?  I’m going to do some shopping and meet you back at the bus.   Or, can’t face any more shopping?  I’m going to go to the Marine Museum and get the local bus back to the hotel.  One is expected to be a savvy individual traveler, not just part of a pack of sheep.  And, Rod makes it all possible by having a well-thought-out schedule, tons of local knowledge, and a strong desire that everyone have the best possible experience of his beloved Italy.Ann Trecartin President, Mainbrace International Limited(wine, beer and spirits agency in Atlantic Canada since 1988)
  • Our trip to the Veneto and the Alto Adige was our first trip with Rodolfo and the Amici del vino, and it more than met our expectations.  The accommodations were excellent - the Serego Alighieri estate, where we spent the first 5 days, was really special with its connection to Dante.The wineries we visited were all very interesting in different ways, and we were taken to all the spectacular sights in the two areas, from the lovely towns of Verona and Soave, to the beautiful Lake Garda and the amazing Dolomites.  Great food and wine all the way - and a wonderful bus driver!  Thank you, Rodolfo, for making all this possible. Ann and Hugh Cameron