ANZAC DAY – History, Food and Wine Tour in Greece

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April 18, 2019 (Thu)

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15 Days Explore Greece and ANZAC Day
Join us to commemorate Anzac Day in Greece and learn more about the 6th Australian Division’s involvement in the Allied withdrawal from Greece and the Battle for Crete. Visit significant battle sites and learn about the German attacks against the Greeks. Explore Athens informative War Museum and attend the Anzac Dawn service. See the WW1 Battleship the Averoff. Explore Athens informative War Museum and attend the ANZAC Dawn service. Discover Athens and walk through a mix of flavors, cultures, and contrasts, and take the opportunity to admire the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum.
In the Peloponnese, you will have the opportunity to admire the splendor of ancient Greece. Discover Ancient Olympia, the place where the Olympic Games were born, tour the “Mycenae” of Homer and mythical Atreides, visit Epidavros with its famous ancient theater, that is also the world’s finest open theater, and the Asclepieion – Unesco World Heritage Site. You will have the chance to sample the wines of the most diverse vineyard and discover its wealth while exchanging views and having fun, all from the authentic vineyards of the Peloponnese. We visit Kalamata which was one of the last evacuation beaches of ANZAC  troops.


The Battle of Crete also Unternehmen Merkur, “Operation Mercury”) was fought during the Second World War on the Greek island of Crete. It began on the morning of 20 May 1941, when Nazi Germany began an airborne invasion of Crete. Greek forces and other Allied forces, along with Cretan civilians, defended the island remains the most dramatic battle ever fought by ANZAC forces. Over 12 brutal days in May 1941 the Allies opposed a massive German airborne assault on the Mediterranean island of Crete. They almost succeeded.

Crete enchants each visitor. It captivates and captures the senses with its impressive and majestic landscape, but also with its spirit, history, and people. You will visit the most important sights of Greece – such as the Minoan Crete palace, Knossos. You will have the chance to admire the most famous monastery, the historic Arkadi Monastery and magnificent churches of the 15th century and we visit the Army Museum of Rethymnon. Discover the secrets of the Cretan diet – the Cretan cuisine is considered to be the best example of the Mediterranean diet, internationally accepted as the most healthy and complete diet plan.
The ambiance of Greece is legendary, with its food, its music and the simple quality of its lifestyle. With a history dating back thousands of years, it is one of the most fascinating and inspiring travel experiences that you will ever have. Learn the less well known is the story of the ANZAC Corps created to fight in Greece during World War II. Relaxed, friendly and enjoyable is the theme of this tour.
Follow Porto Planet on a journey of tastes and delights of culture, food, wine, and history!

  • Winery tours and wine tasting on the “wine routes” of Corinth and Argolis.
  • You will visit the ancient theater of Epidaurus which, from all the ancient theaters, is the most beautiful and best preserved and renowned for its rare acoustics, and the Asklepieion – a Unesco World Cultural Heritage Monument and you will tour the “Mycenae” of Homer and mythical Atreides.
  • You will visit Olympia, which was the most glorious sanctuary of ancient Greece dedicated to Zeus and was the venue for the ancient Olympic Games
  • You will visit the Acropolis Museum and one of the most important monuments of the ancient Greek civilization – the Parthenon
  • Visit Ancient Corinth and Canal of Corinth
  • Visit Preveli Monastery where so many of ANZAC troops were given shelter prior to evacuation via submarine.
  • Walking Foodie tours of Athens, Nafplio, Heraklion, with tasting
  • The War Museum and the Averoff Battleship.
We provide
  • Accommodation in 4* & 5* class hotels
  • ANZAC Day in Athens
  • All meals (breakfast – lunch – dinner)
  • All transport to and from the excursions and to the  airport
  • 14 days exclusively chartered minivan with English speaking driver
  • 2 wine tours/tasting in the wineries and wineries entrance fee
  • Athens walking Food and tasting tours
  • Athens city tour including the Acropolis – Parthenon and the Archaeological Museum of Athens
  • Nauplion walking Food and tasting tours
  • Heraklion walking Food and tasting tours
  • All museum & archeological sites entrance fees
  • A visit to the Museum and an archaeological site to the Mycenae and Epidaurus
  • A visit to the Museum and an archaeological site to the Olympia
  • A visit to the Museum and an archaeological site to the Corinth
  • A visit to the archaeological site to the Knossos
  • A visit to the Army Museum to Athens
  • A visit to the Army Museum to Rethymnon
  • Battlefield tours with historian
  • Visit Averoff Battleship
  •  Souda Bay War Cemetery
  • Overnight ferry to/from Crete
We do not provide
  • Air travel to/from Australia,
  • travel insurance,
  • personal expenses
  • laundry and alcohol
  • Tips for Drivers and Guide sips,
  • anything not mentioned above or below



Arrival. Reception at the airport. Transportation and check into our hotel. You will have the rest of the day to relax or take a stroll along the streets of Athens to enjoy the flavor of the city. Depending on the time of arrival: (Lunch / Dinner)



From the Acropolis to Omonia Square and with a half-day sightseeing and Acropolis museum tour, you’ll see all the famous sites of ancient and modern Athens. The Athens half-day tour departs for a photo stop at Panathinaiko Stadium where the first  Olympic Games took place in 1896. It is the only stadium built out of white marble. Proceed and pass by Zappeion and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.  You will then pass the Athens Trilogy which includes the University of Athens, the Academy of Athens, and the National Library. Continue passing by the National Garden, Hadrian’s Arc, St. Paul’s Church, Parliament, Tomb of the unknown soldier, Schliemann’s House (Numismatic Museum), Catholic Cathedral,  Old Parliament, Constitution Square, Russian Orthodox Church, and finally Acropolis.  Visit Propylaea, the temple of Athena Nike, Parthenon and Erechtheion with its Porch of Maidens. Continue the expert-guided Athens sightseeing and museum tour with a pleasant short walk, passing by Herodion and Dionysos Theater, in order to visit the  Acropolis museum.

Accommodation – Athens (Breakfast /  Dinner)


Begin your walking culinary tour with traditional sweets and finger food like the koulouri (a circular bread encrusted with sesame seeds) and the famous bougasta (a pastry consisting of either semolina custard, cheese or minced meat filling between layers of phyllo).

Head to the Athens Agora and see the amazing range of spices, cheeses, olives, meat, fish and fruit on offer. Here, find a plethora of traditional tavernas. After your visit to the market, enjoy a brief break for a cup of traditional Greek coffee in one of the oldest coffee shops in Greece.

Next, visit a folklore art shop and the beautiful Kotzia Square, situated just outside the ancient Archarnian Gate of Classical Athens. Stop at one of the oldest and best souvlaki houses in Greece for a taste of real souvlaki.

End the tour by admiring the astonishing Acropolis in one of the most authentic restaurants in the city.

Accommodation at Athens (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


We will visit the Canal of Corinth. On 25 April, the Germans staged an airborne operation to seize the bridges over the Corinth Canal with the double aim of cutting off the British line of retreat and securing their own way across the Isthmus. The 1st SS Motorised Infantry Regiment (LSSAH), crossed over to the Peloponnese at Patras in an effort to gain access to the isthmus from the west. Australians in 1942 were preparing to evacuate to Crete in the face of German rapid advancement.

After we will visit ancient Corinth. Ancient Corinth was an important city-state of the ancient Peloponnese and was considered the richest city in the ancient world.

We will visit the Corinthian Wine Route The Corinthian Wine Roads cover most of the wine-growing zone of the PDO Nemea wines, which is the largest in Greece, both in the area of vineyards and in production (2nd on a geographic area).

We will visit a winery and taste local and foreign varieties. The vineyard of Nemea is the kingdom of Agiorgitiko, but it is also planted elsewhere in the Peloponnese, Greece and … in the world. Nemea, with the homonymous PDO Nemea wine, is the largest wine red wine designation zone in Greece. After the wine tours, we will head to Nafplion in the first capital of Greece.

Accommodation Nafplion. (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


We will visit Mycenae, one of the largest centers of Greek civilization, forming a strong military fortress that dominated most of southern Greece. The period of Greek history between 1600 BC until around 1100 BC. is called “Mycenaean,” referring to Mycenae. You will admire it(most of the gold and are characterized by their marvelous art), the treasure of Atreas (vaulted tomb), the vaulted tomb of Clytemnestra, the Lions Gate, the Royal Palace, the temple, the North Gate as well as the Underground Tank etc .;

Then we will take the Argolida wine road and visit the local winery.

After the wine tasting and tour, we will visit Epidaurus and the Asklepieion. The theater of Epidaurus is considered the finest ancient Greek theater in terms of acoustics and aesthetics. With a maximum capacity of 13,000 – 14,000 spectators, the theater hosted the musicians, song and drama struggles included in the worship of Asklepios. The Asclepieion of Epidaurus became the most famous of all aspicides in ancient Greece because of the many and serious cases that were cured there. In this, they arrived from all over Greece and from the Mediterranean basin sick, begging of divine mercy. Its area was very large and it had hostels, a gym, a stage and the famous, for its acoustics, Theater, for the entertainment of the people. Return to Nafplion and take a walk through the local tastes of the area.

Accommodation Nafplion (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


After breakfast, we travel to Olympia with a deviation to Kalamata.  Driving from Argos to Kalamata from where most Allied units had already begun to evacuate, they reached the south coast on 29 April, where they were joined by SS troops arriving from Pyrgos. The fighting on the Peloponnese consisted of small-scale engagements with isolated groups of British troops who had been unable to reach the evacuation point. The Germans captured around 8,000 Commonwealth (including 2,000 Cypriot and Palestinian) and Yugoslav troops in Kalamata who had not been evacuated, while liberating many Italian prisoners from POW camps. Arriving, Olympia.

Accommondation Olympia (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


We will admire the archaeological site of Olympia as the cradle of the Olympic Games. Olympia was the most glorious sanctuary of ancient Greece, dedicated to Zeus. It was the venue for the Olympic Games that took place during the Olympic Games, the most important celebration of Greeks during most of the antiquity, and is one of the UNESCO cultural monuments.

We will take the way back to Athens. After our arrival in Athens and the necessary rest, you will have the opportunity to admire through a gastronomic excursion the incredible flavors and perfumes from the capital of Greece.

Accommodation-Athens  (breakfast / lunch / dinner)



ANZAC Day, this is a very special day on the 75th Anniversary of the battles that were taking place near Athens as the Australians were gathering to evacuate to Crete. This will be, we believe the 5th actual Dawn Service as many ANZAC Day Services in the past have been at 1100. An early wake-up calls before coffee and tea in our hotel lobby then off to the Service. On arrival, you will be ushered into an area towards the front of the Service area. At the completion of the Service, there will be time at the Cemetery to inspect the area before our coach arrives to take us into Athens for our special breakfast. In the afternoon we take dinner and we board the ferry for our overnight trip to Crete.

Accommodation on Board  (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


Early arrival in Chania, early breakfast before we meet our guide for our tour of the Chania/Maleme Area. In the early afternoon, we tour Souda Bay War Cemetery prior to settling into our hotel in Chania.

Accommodation at Chania (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


 Today we head across the island where we will traverse the evacuation route and visit the evacuation beach at Sfakia. We then proceed east along the coast past small villages until we arrive at Preveli Monastery where so many of our men were given shelter prior to evacuation via submarine.

Accommodation – Rethymnon (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


Breakfast in our hotel,  before being able to use this extra day here on Crete to look more closely at the battlefield of Rethymnon.  A visit to the Army Museum before a free afternoon in Rethymnon to complete some shopping in this quaint old pirate town.

Accommodation Rethymnon (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


We enjoy breakfast at your hotel before we set out to visit the battlefield at Heraklion.

Walking the streets of the city and experiencing unique flavors that will elevate your palate to heaven!

Heraklion has a unique foodie culture and an irreverent charm.  Walking food tour allows you to experience local epicurean vibes by tasting delicious food, combined with fascinating culture, history, and ancient architecture.

This food and cultural walking tour are suitable for all ages – it is an easy 1.5-mile walk, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the heart of Heraklion city while learning about the unique history and culture of this historical town.

By joining this walk you will sample the fantastic array of multicultural dining that Crete has to offer. We will take you to several unique ouzo and raki places, plus pastry, cheese and coffee shops so you can try a variety of delicious foods while learning about their cultural background. Immerse yourself in the daily life of the locals of Heraklion, and you will enjoy the most authentic local cuisine

Accommodation Heraklion (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


Early arrival in  Heraklion battlefield or visit the Palace of Knossos – the center of Minoan civilization also visit  Archanes, where the kidnapping of General Kraipe took place

In the afternoon we take dinner prior to us boarding the ferry for our overnight cruise back to Athens.

Accommodation on Board (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


This morning you visit the War Museum and the Averoff Battleship.  Return to the hotel and the remainder of the day is free to relax or go souvenir shopping or continue your own sightseeing.

Accommodation Athens (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


Sadly your ANZAC Day Greece Tour ends and transportation to the airport for the flight back home. You may wish to extend your travels. (Breakfast)



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